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People are confused to select the best and suitable is necessary for beads to be well formed and healthy. The beads which are lightweight,underdevelopment or holes due to insect bites do not give good get fully formed and healthy beads at shaligram shala.

Here you get an option to choose nepal and java beads according to their preferences.These both beads have good results and are effective as far as long term after wearing it.The nepal beads look beautiful,have large surface area ,large in size, clear mukhis and strong intensity,have best and suitable results.Where as java beads has small in size.we appreciate both nepal and java beads both have their own power and results which proves the efficacy of both java and nepal beads.

People have their own choice. Some people like small beads or some like big both are beautiful and fully formed and give best results. We ensure that both are clean, beautiful and real beads.

If you want more information about beads or want to buy, then contact on or contact Mr. Rajeev Singhal at +919322646421. He has done a great research and studied about the effect of Rudraksha beads. He can guide you about wearing the Rudraksha beads in detail.

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