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The term "meteor" comes from the Greek meteoron, meaning phenomenon in the sky. It is used to describe the streak of light produced as matter in the solar system falls into Earth's atmosphere creating temporary incandescence resulting from atmospheric friction. A meteorite is a meteoroid that reaches the surface of the Earth without being completely vaporized. A meteorite is a natural object originating in outer space that survives an impact with the Earth's surface. While in space it is called a meteoroid. When it enters the atmosphere, impact pressure causes the body to heat up and emit light, thus forming a fireball, also known as a meteor or shooting star. The term bolide refers to either an extraterrestrial body that collides with the Earth, or to an exceptionally bright, fireball-like meteor regardless of whether it ultimately impacts the surface. More generally, a meteorite on the surface of any celestial body is a natural object that has come from elsewhere in space. Meteorites have been found on the Moon and Mars. A meteor is a bright streak of light in the sky (a "shooting star" or a "falling star") produced by the entry of a small meteoroid into the Earth's atmosphere. Lots of people in India and few other parts of the world believes that Shooting Stars are wishfulfilling and when ever in dark clear night they see these shooting stars, they always wish something.

The meteorites is well associated with planet Saturn and it is believed that the presiding diety of Shani Shingnapur temple is originally a meteorite. The meteorites that falls on the Earth surface are primarily from moon, mars and Saturn planets. The meteorite is extremely rare and priced very highly due to its inherent properties to bless devotee with immense wealth, worldly comforts, protect him from malefic effects of Saturn planet, immense peace of mind and extreme protection against sudden accidents and thefts. So worship of meteorite definitely eases the malefic effects of planet Saturn.The presiding deity of Shinganapur, Sri Shaneshwara or Shanidev- the personification of the planet Saturn is worshipped with utmost reverence and devotion by multitudes of people from all over the world. The spectacle of the deity in black meteorite stone is overwhelming. A unique aspect of this place is, that no temple structure houses the Shanidev. There is only a simple platform on which stands the swayambhu idol, in black stone.Unlike other pilgrimage centres, devotees here can perform puja or abhishek or other religious rituals themselves. One of the unique aspects of the village Shiganapur is that houses here have no door- frames or locks on them for safety. They are in fact not needed. The people here believe that it is the benediction of the god that no crime ever occurs in this village. They lead a disciplined life abstaining from Liquor and meat. The social relations of people are marked by trust, co-operation and empathy.


It is commonly believed that many miseries in life are caused due to the displeasure of Shanidev. To worship the meteorite, a devotee has to take a head bath and proceed in wet clothes where the Meteorite Shila is placed in the Altar. The devotee has to be bare headed (without any cap or cloth on the head)while receiving Darshan of the deity.The devotee then circumambulates, offers prayers and performs Abhishek-s with water from the holy well in the vicinity and sesame oil. Devotees pour water on the idol with wet clothes and perform Abhishek. Sacrificial offerings are not permitted here. There is well from which water is fetched only for Shani Maharaj's rituals. The worship is more fruitful once the water of well from Shani Shingnapur temple is used for the worship of the Meteorite Shila. We give a free bottle 100 ml of water of this well with every meteorite Shila purchased from us. To perform the abhishek a devotee offers Oil, preferably sesame is offered in multiples of quarter, Coconut, dried dates, dried cocount, betel nut, rice, turmeric-kumkum, gulal, neel, sugar, colotropis flowers preferably blue, pedha-s, black cloth, curds and milk etc. used. A devotee who wishes to avert the misery offers kavadi, bibba, udid, nail, or pin, or rice. If it is a Abhishek of the Navas (after fulfillment of desires), then money in the form of silver coins,a trident- trishul), shriphal, or iron articles like ghamela or animals like horse, cow, buffalo are offered. Generally the devotees can perform pooja and abhishek on any day at Shari Shaneshvar tirtha. But the Amavasya or the no day moon which falls on a Saturday is considered to be most auspicious. On such a day lakhs of devotees from all corners of the country come to receive blessings of Shri Shanidev.
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