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Properties Of Shaligram (10 INCARNATION + OTHER)



Parasurama is the sixth incarnation of the Lord Vishnu. Prasurama killed the King Kartavirya, who had stolen the Holy cow Kamdhenu, which could fulfill all the desires. Parsurama had determined to eliminate all the Kshatriyas who were sadist and torturing the common man. The worshipper of this Shaligram gets immense courage and a strong will to fight against all odds and he emerge out to be a winner ultimately. This generates lots of confidence to the beholder and he is determined to achieve success in all his endeavors. The worshipper gets all his wishes fulfilled. He gets immense protection and wealth to live a successful and peaceful life.


Maryada Purshottam Ram killed the demon Ravana who abducted Sita thereby librated the earth from the miseries. By worshipping Rama Shaligrama the worshipper gets immense wisdom, virtues, courage and success in all his endeavors. The worshipper is able to take very good decisions in business and family life and can bring immense peace and prosperity in his life. The worshipper can improve tremendously the relationship with in the family members and unite them. The beholder earns great respect and power in the society and leads a dignified life.


Krishna is the other name of eternity, austerity and completeness and is considered as the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The worshipper of this shaligrama will earn a great respect and dignity in the society. He will be successful in all his endeavors by his wit and intelligence. The beholder will earn a great name and fame in his circle and will be loved by one and all. The worshipper develops an aura which will attract all the persons around him. The persons suffering from lack of confidence can be immensely benefited by worshipping this shaligram. He becomes charismatic and gets success in all his endeavors.


Buddha is the ninth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Buddha though born in the rich and kings family left his family for the search of truth and wisdom. The worshipper of this Shaligrams gets detached and leads a sacred life. The worshipper can meditate well and go towards philanthropy and austerity. He develops a great sense of satisfaction and can take on patiently all trying situations. He will spend his all life in doing good to the mankind and hence earns a great respect and love from the socity. Good for concentration and meditation. The worshipper goes deep into the spirituality remains detached but still lead a wonderful and a satisfying life. Scarcity of anything remains away from him.


Kalki is considered to be the tenth incarnation of Lord Vishnu which has yet to come in the Kalyuga. It is assumed that Kalki will come in the white horse and remove the earth from all the sins and make the earth a more lovable and worth living place. The worshipper of the Kalki Shaligram can forsee the future things happening. Its very good for the Lawyers, Police personnel and Government officials. It hones their administrative skills and tremendously increase their analytical qualities. The worshipper make the things happen in his favour and generates very high position and status in the society. He gets immense fame, name and is respected in the society.
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