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Properties Of Shaligram (10 INCARNATION + OTHER)



Hiranyagarbha is one of the most powerful shila. It is basically Mother Earth ( Garbha) and this a garbha in which Lord Krishna has taken birth. So when ever any devotee is starting a new venture or wants sucess in the running venture, he must worship this Shila. He will get the good results very fast. The ladies who worship this Shilas brings very peaceful environment to the house. It provids immense protection to her husband, children and do not let them fall in the bad company. She generates immense respect for herself in the hous and lives like a queen of the house.


Janardanah is another name of Vishnu and appears as the 126th name in the Vishnu sahasranama. According to Adi Sankara on the Vishnu Sahasranama, Janardanah means "One who inflicts suffering on evil men." Alternatively, it means, "He to whom all devotees pray for wordly success and liberation." The term Ardayati is a verb meaning both 'giving sorrow' or 'giving joy'. Thus, One who gives sorrow and disaster to the vicious, and who blesses with joy and peace to the good people is called Janaardanah. Janardhanh Shaligrama is extremely powerful and the worsipper of this Shaligrama gets tremendous success in business and services. All the obstacles coming on the way of the worshipper are removed from the core and he reaps wealth and gold in all his endeavours. The worshipper geta immense protection by worshipping this Shaligrama and no black magic or occult works on him. Any person trying to harm the worshipper is sent to hell and suffers throughout his life. It is a extremly protective Shaligrama which fulfills all wishes of the devotee and blesses him with peaceful environment, prosperity and protection.


This Shaligram has all the qualities of Kalp Vriksha and Lakshmi counch. This brings immense prosperity, growth and blesses the worshipper with very goog health and immense wealth. With this the sick businesses can turn around and become very profitable. This removes the negativity and brings family harmony. This also fulfill all the desires and blesses the worshipper to lead a magnanimous and a dignified life. The worshipper gets very good wife, husband, sons and daughters which make him or her feel very proud. This is a very rare Shila and one must have this in his alter to have a most satisfying life.


According to Hindu mythology, the Kalpavriksha tree was one of the 14 gems which came out of the depths of the sea after the Samudra Manthan (churning of the ocean). The worshipper of this Shaligram gets all the wordly comforts and diginity in the society. Kalpavriksha is said to fulfill the desires of all those who have faith on the holy tree. This tree has a generous connotation attached - for ages it has been known to fulfill all the wishes of the devotees. By worshipping this Shaligram all the wishes of a person gets fulfilled. Worshipper gets good husband, good wife, sons and daughter and peace prevails in the family. Keeping Kulpvriksha Shila in the alter is considered very auspicious and this pleases Lord Krishna which inturns blesses the devotee to the fullest.


Kamal Narayan makes the personality of the worshipper very attractive. He develpos an 'Aura' and 'Charisma' which attracts every thing the worshipper wants to bring it to him. Kamal Narayan also develops immense confidence and his all six senses works to perfection. He cannot suffer any loss in business or sudden drain of wealth. He is acapable of containing what ever he has earned. He can take on any challange and emerge out to be a winner. His confidence level goes to a very high mark and is invincible. He enjoys immense wealth , health and remains always attached to the God. By worshipping this Shaligrama the devotee is absolved from all his sins.A devotee,who worshipps this Shaligrama remains invincible in whatever he does.
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