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GemstoneGomed (Hessonite) Stone

    African Gomed Stone-6.6-carat-GMGMD006-3
African Gomed Stone-6.6-carat-GMGMD006
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Dimension : 6.6carat
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The Hessonite Gemstone also known as Gomed Gemstone originates from calcium aluminum silicate. This Gemstone is the subordinate or derivative of Garnet. Hessonite Gemstone is normally ruddy orange or yellow orange. It takes its composition from grossularite.

The common source of Hessonite is Limestone and its stores can be discovered everywhere throughout the world. Since the beginning various uncommon and spellbinding gemstones that were found where for the most part mistook for Hessonite and its related Garnet gemstones to be specific, Pyrope, Uvarovite and Tsavorite.

Gemstone: Hessonite or Gomed stone
Planet: Rahu
Cosmic Color: Ultra Violet
Metal: Lead
Mantra: Om
Bhasm: Doorvaa Bhasm

Significance of Gomed Stone

In Vedic Astrology the Hessonite (Gomed) Gemstone is referred to as the "Rahu Ratna" in India in light of its long standing relationship with the Vedic planet Rahul - a lunar hub of crossing point between the Sun and the Moon.

It is related with the psyche and its meandering nature consequently it impacts an individuals psychological and otherworldly balance. On the off chance is that if the Planet Rahu is placed on its right position it can create a personality which is insecure and argumentative.

It can likewise cause mental imbalances and absence of congruity in conjugal life. Accordingly it is imperative to wear a Hessonite with the goal that Rahu can be conciliated and increasingly grandiose vitality can be utilized to adjust mental and profound balance throughout everyday life.

History of Hessonite stone

The Greek word signifying "second rate" added to the present name Hessonite. It is a direct result of the low thickness and hardness of the mineral. In the old occasions, Romans and Greeks use Hessonites in adornments and intaglio (printing system). Hessonite gemstones are found in India and Sri Lanka, other than Brazil and California.

Advantages and Healing Power of Hessonite Gemstone

Hessonite/ Gomed Gemstones, when studded into rings or neck bands or arm ornaments as a piece of gems
- It treats over the overthinking, depression, wretchedness, mental issues and skin diseases.
- It can likewise stimulate an individual into speculation new thoughts, and re-developing an all the more invigorating lifestyle.
- It reinforces ones capacity and even changes ones adversary into a companion.

Chakra Associated with Gomed Gemstone

Hessonite (Gomed) Gemstone chips away at Sahasrara Chakra. This stone is an amazing specialists of vitality and work on discharging the negative vitality put away as worry in the blocked Chakras, consequently actuating them and tuning them to their normal state.

This Chakra joins us to the awesome Sea of Light/the Kingdom of Light, out of which everything has radiated. This Chakra is situated straightforwardly to seek after a dedicated association with the Divine. It is the intensity of petition, the purpose.

Technique/ methodology of wearing

It very well may be worn on any propitious day or quickly, toward the beginning of the day after shower. In the event that need be, one may also recite the seed mantra "AUM" 108 times before wearing.

Approaches to deal with Gomed Stone

The Green Tourmaline may convey negative energies routinely, the gemstone or the decoration wherein it is fixed can be detoxified by plunging it in water medium-term.


Origin: African

Price Per Carat: Rs 1000/-

6.6 Carat
Weight is Shown 50gms for Shipping Purpose Only
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