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Big Shaligram

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Big Shaligram Shilas are worshipped in the temple as well as in the houses. There was a belief that bigger Shaligrams can only be worshipped in the temples but now hundreds of devotees are worshipping medium and big Shaligrams Shilas in their Altar at homes and workplaces. These devotees have been immensely benefited by worshipping bigger Shaligrams either in the temples or in their Altars. Since the bigger Shaligrams have clear impressions they look very exotic and beautiful. They remove negativity and bring immense peace, prosperity and protection in the homes of devotees. The Big Shaligram Shilas naturally form the shape of a Shivalingas.

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Exotic Big Shaligram
Exotic Big Shaligram
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Benefits of Worshipping Big Shaligram

- By worshipping Big Shaligram Shilas the devotees go to Vaikuntha and attain Salvation.
- Big Shaligram Shilas bestows the devotee with good health, wealth and prosperity.
- It is extremely auspicious to worship the Big Shaligrams in the temples.
- They remove negativity and bring immense peace, prosperity and protection in the homes of devotees.

What is Big Shaligram | Why Worship Big Shaligram

There are several Murtis which are made up from Shaligram stones. The famous image of vishnu in the Himalayan Badri- Nath is said to be carved out of a Shaligrama, as also the image of Krishna in Udupi (in Karnataka). During the image changing ceremony in Puri-Jagannath, the Salagrama stone is the essence that is concealed within the main wooden icon of Jagannatha. A Salagrama-stone officiates as the Snapana-Murti [icon for bathing] in the Shrine of Nath-Dvara. Big Shaligrams are normally available in several colours like black, blue, white, golden colours etc. It is very auspicious to donate big Shaligram Shilas to the temple or to any Vaishnavas who can do the Sevs of the Shila with devotion. By donating Big Shaligram Shilas the devotees go to Vaikuntha and attain Salvation.

In case the Big Shaligram is donated to an individual, it must be presented freely with the words Peace, may it be good to you. The Shaligram Shila should be received with reverence in the cupped hands and placed on ones own head, as a mark of acceptance. Since the impressions are very clear on the Shila the amount of energy the Shila can radiate is enormous. The part of the donation received from the devotees from donating Big Shaligram is given for philanthropic activities.

Significance of Big Shaligram | Why Worship Shaligram Stone

Big Shaligram Shilas are genuinely from the Kali Gandaki river. Salagram Shila had huge respect and importance. Each Shaligram has its own identity with their positive effects. Big Salagram is found along with lord Vishnu chakra, Sankh, Gadha, Hole, big, small size, round, oval. Some Big Salagram found with one chakra (single circle marks), Some with two chakras, three chakras to unlimited beautiful chakra marks. Each Chakra has its own value and is described as a different name and form of lord Vishnu. Unlimited chakra is known as Lord Vishnu Anantha Narayan. One chakra is described as Sudarshana Salagram likewise for the rest of Salagram denotes Lord Vishnu each name whose name is described in Vishnu Puran (Hindu religious Script). Salagram is also found with different marks and appearance.

We also have the following types of Saligram, Sacred Shaligram is very powerful and is available in very limited quantities, Exotic Shalagram is a very rare and special Shaligram with beautiful golden and crystal impressions along with black color on it. Auspicious Shaligram is jet black, some small in size & maybe with the white impression, small & big Saligram, Shaligram Mala/ Rosary makes the devotee feel very much close to Lord and very well protected.