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GemstoneCats Eye Stone
Cats Eye Stone

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In 1989 Geologist Abraham Gottlob Werner found the species of chrysoberyl. It is also known as chrysolite. However, today it is not at all known by the same name. Cats Eye Gemstone sources are from Brazil, Burma, china and Srilanka. Kanak Keth cats eye (Chrysoberyl), is highly visual appearance after gemstone.

Cats Eye Gemstone
Planet: Ketu
Cosmoic Color : Infra-red
Metal : iron
Bheej Mantra : kreem
Bhasm: kushaa Bhasm

Cats Eye Planet

Cats eye gemstone is ruled by planet ketu considered as a shadow planet. Planet Ketu is opposite to Planet Rahu. Rahu and Ketu movements are interconnected. Ketu represents the phase of difficult karma, payback for your own karmas.The planet gives abrupt and unforeseen positive outcomes and takes you on the way of spirituality.

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Indian Cats Eye Stone-27-carat-GMCAT001
Size: 27carat
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Rs 18225/-   225 USD
Rs 36450/-   450 USD
Ceylon Cats Eye Stone-26.7-carat-GMCAT002
Size: 26.7Select Sca
Discount Amount 50%:
Rs 36045/-   445 USD
Rs 72090/-   890 USD
Indian Cats Eye Stone-17.85-carat-GMCAT004
Size: 17.85carat
Discount Amount 50%:
Rs 12049/-   149 USD
Rs 24098/-   298 USD
Kanak Khet Cats Eye Stone-5.4-carat-GMCAT006
Size: 5.4carat
Discount Amount 50%:
Rs 173610/-   2143 USD
Rs 347220/-   4286 USD
Indian Cats Eye Stone-3.5-carat-GMCAT007
Size: 3.5carat
Discount Amount 50%:
Rs 1505/-   19 USD
Rs 3010/-   38 USD
Kanak Khet Cats Eye Stone-5.5-carat-GMCAT008
Size: 5.5carat
Discount Amount 50%:
Rs 176825/-   2183 USD
Rs 353650/-   4366 USD
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Power and Properties of Cats Eye

Cats eye gemstone elevates stability, willpower, support, wisdom and courage. It also enlightens you towards the path of moksha (liberation).

Benefits of Cats Eye

- It brings materialistic comforts of life in the form of immense wealth, in the wearers life.
- It protects from mishaps, evil schemes of enemies and from accidents.
- It also protects people from the impact caused by evil spirits and mental imbalance caused due to unknown fears.
- Cats Eye Stone enhances senses, helps to stabilize emotions, and boosts abilities and strength to deal with situations that are challenging.

Some qualities of Cats Eye gemstone

- Smoothness.
- Brilliance of Cats Eye gemstone.
- Three dashes of light simply like thread which is worn by Brahmins in India.

Procedure of wearing Cats Eye Stone

Cats Eye Stone are pre energized as per Vedic rituals. It can worn immediately by on the suggested specific right/left hand finger. It can worn on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 2 hours after sunset. Before wearing Cats Eye Stone chant the seed mantra LAM 108 times.