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Dwarka ShilaDwarka Shila Pendent And Rosary
Dwarka Shila Pendent And Rosary
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Dwarka Shila Rosary & Pendant are available at Shaligram Shala. Shaligram Shala is a well-known online store that sells authentic and high-quality goods. Dwarka Shila Stones, White Stones with Chakras, Dvaravati Stones, and much more are also reasonably priced. This page will provide you with all the information you need about Dwaraka Shila Pendant / Dwaraka Shila Rosary, such as the Benefits of Wearing Dwarka Stone, What is Dwarka Shila, and Why Worship Dwarka Shila.

What is Dwarka Shila/ Why Worship Dwarka Shila

According to the Varaha Purana, whoever touches a Dwarka Shila / Dvaravati Stone / Dvaraka Shila with the mark of a Vishnu-Chakra shall be rid of all sins. The Darshana of every Dwaraka-Shila fulfills all aspirations and wishes, according to the Garuda Purana. In the Skanda Purana, it is also said that if an evil man worships a Dwaraka Shila with devotion or even without love, he would be liberated from all sinful emotions.

Worshiping Dwarka Shilas with Shaligrama Shilas yields the most pleasing effects and provides the worshipers with emancipation, religious thinking, equal reverence to Lord Indra, economic progress, and spiritual development, all kinds of pleasures, worldly comforts, power, which bestows beauty and prosperity, kingship, which grants renown and ensures the continuation of your lineage, removes the dread of birth and death, presents sons and grandchildren, lordship, wealth, tranquility, extreme protection, and Vaikuntha Dharma.

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Dwarka Shila Ring
Dwarka Shila Ring
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Benefits of Wearing Dwarka Shila Rosary

Dwarka Shilas come in various shapes and sizes, and the advantages of each Shila are unique. -

  • Sudarsana Dwarka Stone is a lovely Shila with a single Chakra that grants liberty. Dvaraka Dvaraka Dvaraka Dvaraka Dvaraka Dvaraka Dvaraka Dvaraka Dvaraka Dvaraka Dvaraka Dvaraka Dvaraka Shila two Chakras provide splendour and liberty.
  • With three Chakras, Acyuta-Shila earns the same reverence as Lord Indra.
  • The four Chakras of Chaturbhuja Shila offer economic progress, happiness, religious thought, and emancipation.
  • The six Chakras of Pradyumna Dwarka Shila provide beauty and riches.
  • The dread of birth and death is removed by Vasudeva Shila, which has five Chakras.
  • With six Chakras, Pradyumna Dwarka Shila bestows beauty and riches.
  • The seven Chakras (Balabhadra) of Dwarka Shila bring renown and the continuity of a dynasty.
  • Purushottama Shila, which has eight Chakras, bestows all kinds of blessings.
  • The most significant advantages come from Narasimhadeva Dwarka Shila (nine Chakras).
  • The Dashavatara Dwaraka Shila with 10 Chakras, on the other hand, grants kingship.
  • Dvaraka Shila eleven Chakras (Aniruddha) confer renown and supremacy.
  • Dwadasatmaka Shila (twelve Chakras) provides emancipation and pleasure.
  • Twelve or more Chakra Shilas are considered fortunate, and Shilas in the round and square shapes bring happiness.