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Emerald Gemstone (Panna) | Buy Online Emerald Gemstone | Benefits of Panna | Rudraksha Ratna

Emerald Gemstone also known as Panna is a green colored highly precious gemstone. This gemstone is one of the most reputed gemstones in vedic astrology which is worn for success in business & jobs, knowledge seeking ventures and creative or intellectual pursuits. or offers the finest quality genuine Emerald Stone or Panna which provide only beneficial effects of planet Mercury when set in the right manner. We provide non-heated and non-treated 100% original Emeralds with finest cuts and brilliant lustre are approved by Vedic astrology and suit all irrespective of the natal chart of the wearer. The Emerald stone or Panna is associated with the planet Mercury and is worn for enhancing intelligence, communication skills, memory and mental control.

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Emerald Zambian-5 Carats-GMEMR1001
Size: 5carat
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Emerald-3.52 Carats-GMEMR1004
Size: 3.52carat
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Rs 248160/-   3064 USD
Emerald-5.10 Carats-GMEMR1005
Size: 5.10carat
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Rs 359550/-   4438 USD
Emerald-6.17 Carats-GMEMR1006
Size: 6.17carat
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Rs 217493/-   2685 USD
Rs 434986/-   5370 USD
Emerald-3.92 Carats-GMEMR1007
Size: 3.92carat
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Rs 138180/-   1706 USD
Rs 276360/-   3412 USD
Emerald-5.96 Carats-GMEMR1008
Size: 5.96carat
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Rs 210090/-   2594 USD
Rs 420180/-   5188 USD
Emerald-3.68 Carats-GMEMR1009
Size: 3.68carat
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Rs 129720/-   1601 USD
Rs 259440/-   3202 USD
Emerald-4.72 Carats-GMEMR1010
Size: 4.72carat
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Rs 166380/-   2054 USD
Rs 332760/-   4108 USD
Emerald-3.43 Carats-GMEMR1011
Size: 3.43carat
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Rs 120907/-   1493 USD
Rs 241814/-   2986 USD
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Importance of Emerald Gemstone

Emerald gemstone is associated with the planet Mercury which speaks to the characteristics like sharp insight, humor and higher scientific abilities. As the closest planet to the Sun, it makes the local flighty and anxious. Since it is called Buddha in Sanskrit meaning mind/ shrewdness/ insight, the planet basically administers knowledge, correspondence, discourse and self- assurance.

On the off chance that it is in a malefic state in horoscope, the individual will in general feel their scholarly workforce debilitate and loses certainty. Wearing Emerald gemstone invalidates the pessimistic impact of planet Mercury favoring the individual fearlessness and regard from others.

Emerald or any gemstone must be in their normal state and should not be made to warm treatment. By and large stones are warmed to upgrade their shading quality. Nonetheless, warming the stones limits their internal worth and quality. Untreated gemstones are normally genuine and produce better outcomes.

Panna Gemstone Benefits

- It recuperates the issues identified with the inside, stomach and stiffness in older individuals.
- Panna stones make the wearer become detached and give a special quality of total surrender, unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness.
- The wearer leads himself to a higher dimension of consciousness.
- It can counter the ill effects of planet mercury.
- It enhances the good effects of planet mercury.
- The powder of crushed gemstone can be used as an eye healing powder.

Chakra Associated with Emerald Gemstone

Emerald gemstone re energizes the Heart Chakra and the individual is honored with sympathy, pardoning and unqualified love. At the point when the Heart Chakra is hindered, the individual keeps running into disharmony and miseries seeing someone.

The Emerald Stone is associated with Anahata Chakra also known as the Heart Chakra. It is mentioned in Vedic scriptures that the human body works as per seven vitality focuses called Chakras.

How to Identify Genuine or Natural Panna

The crystal and clear reflection of Emerald Gemstone (Panna) making it have a unique look. It will deliver a cool touch. It never has debasements nor does it have any breaks superficially.

Care and Wearing Method of Panna or Emerald Stone

You should wear Emerald Gemstone or Panna Stone on Wednesday when the sun rises. This Emerald Stone is harder and abrasive. Ensure that there are no effects on it. Never under any circumstances clean it up with streams but a small bristled brush will do wonders.