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Navaran Mantra: Om Aing Hreeng Kleeng Chamundaye Vichche
नवार्ण मंत्र: ऐं ह्रीं क्लीं चामुंडायै विच्चे

Worshipping Divya Navdurga Sangraha Shaligram provides protection from negative influences and helps to attain success & victory. Worshipping the NavDurga Shaligra Collection and chanting Durga Mantra regularly opens the heart to receive boundless grace of Goddess Durga. The Shakti is sitting in the deep meditation position. The origin of this divine woman strength (Durga) is noted inside the Shiva Purana.Lord Shiva Shiva invoked Her from His left Half and created Shivloka with the help of Maa Durga. It further states the demonic son of Rambha named Mahishasura as soon as created havoc on Bhuloka (earth) and defeated all the gods of heaven, endangering their lifestyles. After hearing this, The Godfather Vishnu discharged a huge mass of mild from His mouth that merged into the similar rays emitted from the mouths of those gods. This effective mild changed into a powerful lady deity called Durga who challenged Mahishasura for a war. The Shaligram Shila products are delivered to the customers after proper energization & pran pratishtha. Therefore all the devotees are requested to forward their date, time & place of birth while ordering this divine shila so that the proper energization & pran pratishtha could be done on their names before the dispatch of the product.

Nine Forms of Devi Durga

1. Shailputri: The first form of mother Durga among the nine is Shailputri. She is known as such, because she has incarnated from Himalaya the Emperor of mountains.
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Mantra: "Om aim hring kleem chamundayi vichche"

2. Brahmacharni: Brahmacharni is the second phase of nine Durgas. Here Brahma means penance. So, Brahmacharini is one who practices penance.
Ruling Planet: Mars
Mantra: "Om doom durgaya namah"

3. Chandraghanta: The third aspect of Goddess Durga is Chandraghanta. On the third day of Navaratra worship her Vigraha (image) is worshipped. This particular aspect of the Goddess gives extreme peace and provides ultimate good.
Ruling Planet: Ketu
Mantra: "Om sarva mangal mangalye shive sarvarath sadhike, Sharanye triambake gauri narayani namostute."

4. Kushmanda: Kushmanda is pronounced as Kusmanda. Kusmanda is the fourth phase of the mother Durga. (Ku+Usma+Anda) - That is how the word has been derived.Ku means a little Usma is warmth, heat or energy and Anda means the cosmic egg or universe. That is from whose fraction of warmth the universe has emanated.
Ruling Planet: Sun
Mantra:"Om dukha hantraya namah"

5. Skandhamata: The fifth aspect of Mother Durga is known as Skandamata. She is the mother of Kumara or Skanda or Kartikeya, who was chosen by gods as their commander in the war against the demons.
Ruling Planet: Jupiter
Mantra:"Om hreeng mahadurgaya namah"

6. Kathyayini: Sixth Durga is Katyayani. The son of "Kat "as "Katya ". Rishi Katyayan born in this "Katya " lineage. Katyayan had observed penance with a desire to get paramba as his daughter.
Ruling Planet: Saturn
Mantra: "Om hreeng katyayini namah"

7. Kaalratri: Kaalratri form of mother Durga is her seventh form in the sequence of Navaratra worship Kaladatri is extremely frightening to look at but she is always auspicious in effect.
Ruling Planet: Rahu
Mantra: "Om Durga kshama shiva dhaatri svaha svadhaa Namostute"

8. Mahagauri: The eighth potency of mother Durga is Mahagauri. Her complexion is extremely fair. So it is similarly with the conch, moon and Kundaflower.
Ruling Planet: Moon
Mantra: "Om nitya buddhaya namah"

9. Siddhidaatri: Ninth form of Durga is Siddhidatri. The mother Siddhidatri is competent enough to give all Siddhis to the strivers and her devotees. She is capable of giving all sorts of occult powers.
Ruling Planet: Venus - Seated on a lotus, holding a chakra & a mace
Mantra: "Om Kaali Mahakaali Kalike Paapharini, Sarva Vighna Hare Devi Narayani Namostute"

Importance & Significance of Devi Shaligram

The Shila is generally cold to touch, lustrous and an extreme high degree of power emanates from Her. The Shila blesses the worshipper with utmost wisdom, good decision making capabilities, strong wit and intelligence. The worshippers of Navdurga Shaligram collection are the Leaders of the society and control the main machinery in any system. They are the policy makers who have very strong intuition and who can forecast the future to almost perfection. The Shila is a boon provider and must be present on all Altars and worshipped to seek The Shalti blessings.This Shila is extremely powerful , attractive, brilliant, auspicious, emits very high radiance and has extra ordinary high energy levels. The body of the Shila is like a lady sitting and doing "Tapasya". The Shila is extremely smooth, perfectly shaped, lustrous, small sized, cold to touch, has flawless impressions which makes the Shila a very unique Adwaitya Devi Shila.Nav Durga Shaligram Collection provides positive transformation energies to the dwelling through its mystical geometry.

Benefits of worshiping Devi Shaligram

- For peace prosperity and protection
- For maintaining harmony in the house and at the workplace
- For removing insomnia and good sleep
- For emotional and financial stability.
- Prosperity, luck, and peace.

Spiritual Benefits of worshiping Devi Shaligram

- Worshippers get self-confidence and courage.
- blessing of Maa Durga for spiritual growth.
- It provides attraction to suitable outcomes.
- Devotees get self-confidence and courage.
- Removes negative energy in the environment.

Health Benefits of worshiping Devi Shaligram

- Protects from ailments & improves health.
- Boosts immunity & bestows longevity.
- Protects from death, accidents and theft.
- for good health and prosperity.
- get relief from diseases, difficulties and dangers.
- Protects from ailments & improves health.

Significance of Shaligram Shila

These Shaligram Shilas are genuinely from the Kali Gandaki river. Salagram Shila had huge respect and importance. Each Shaligram has its own identity with their positive effects. Salagram is found along with lord Vishnu chakra, Sankh, Gadha, Hole, big, small size, round, oval. Some Salagram found with one chakra (single circle marks), Some with two chakras, three chakras to unlimited beautiful chakra marks. Each Chakra has its own value and is described as a different name and form of lord Vishnu. Unlimited chakra is known as Lord Vishnu Anantha Narayan. One chakra is described as Sudarshana Salagram likewise for the rest of Salagram denotes Lord Vishnu each name whose name is described in Vishnu Puran (Hindu religious Script). Salagram is also found with different marks and appearance. We also have the following types of Saligram, Sacred Shaligram is very powerful and is available in very limited quantities, Exotic Shalagram is very rare and special Shaligram with beautiful golden and crystal impressions along with black color on it. Auspicious Shaligram is jet black, some small in size & maybe with the white impression, small & big Saligram, Shaligram Mala/ Rosary makes the devotee feel very much close to Lord and very well protected.

Who Can Worship Shaligram Shila

Devotees of all cultures, backgrounds, caste, religion and gender can worship this divine Shaligram Shila. It is a common myth that Ladies cannot worship Shaligram Shilas. This is not correct. Please refer to the following Shaloka which clearly says that Ladies can definitely worship Shaligram Shilas. Only for those 3 or 4 days in a month when ladies are not clean then they can avoid worship of Shaligram Silas.


(HARI BHAKTI VILASA 5/452 From SKANDA PURANA conversation between Lord Brahma and Narada Muni) Worship of Salagram Sila can be done by Women, Sudras (low caste), Brahmanas (twice born), Kshatriyas (administrators), Vaishnavas, etc. and everybody wjo worships the Shila devotedly can achieve the eternal abode of Lord Krishna (Vaikuntha) perfectly. Worshipper of this Shaligram get health benefits, a positive attitude towards life, attain wealth and prosperity.

Shaligram is a Sanjeevani

“Ajanma Krita Papanam Prayaschitam Ya Ichati
Damadarakunde Saligram Silawari Dharanamah Paphari Namastute //5//

“ Akal Mritu Haranam Sarvabyadhi Binasanam tulsesaligramecakre
Vishu Padodakam Pitwa Shirasha Mrityum Dharyamyaham Vaikuntasthale //6//

“Sankha Madhya Sthitam Toyyam Vramitam Keshavopari
Angalagnam Manukshanam Bramha Hatya Dikam Dayat //7//

(Hari Bhakta Vilas 5 /472, 473 and 474 from Skanda Purana, Lord Brahma is speaking to Narad Muni)

Saligram Silas found at Damodara Kund are very precious and significant. These silas are considered to be the direct Lord Vishnu Himself and the person who worships, wears or even keeps these auspicious in the house or bathes the Salagram and drinks water or pour waters on them, that man becomes free from all sins and this prevents their untimely death.

If the Saligram Shila and Tulsi is touching the body of the dying person, he may survive or go directly to Vaikuntha the eternal abode of Lord Vishnu. That person also becomes free from all sin and all disease. The person, who worships saligram with Tulsi leaf daily, gets the boon of million Yajna also. The most feared sins of Bramahatya ( killing of a Brahmin) or eloping with the Gurus wife are also washed away simply by worshiping and wearing of the Saligram.

Abhishek Procedure of Shaligram Shila

Devotees can do abhishek of Shaligram Shila once or twice a week as per convenience and the detailed of abhishek procedure of Shaligram Shila is given below

- Bath Shaligram Stone with water
- Offer all abhishekam liquid one by one which are Panchgavya (Water, Milk, Curd, Ghee, Honey) and any one Fruit Juice (Coconut water, Ganne ka Ras, Anar Juice)
- Now wipe off Shaligram Shila with a clean cloth and place it on pedestal

Ingredients required for Worship procedure of Shaligram Shila

- gandaki river water/ gangajal
- clean cloth
- sandal paste
- tulsi leaf
- Dhoop & Agarbatti
- sweet, fruits and other eatable
- a picture of deity related to Shaligram Shila

Worship Procedure of Shaligram Shila

- First of all place the Shaligram Shila on a metal plate
- Sit facing east direction
- Bath the Shaligram Shila with gandaki river water/ gangajal
- Wipe it off with clean cloth
- Apply tika of sandal paste on the Shaligram Shila and place one tulsi leaf on the Shaligra Shila so the tulsi rests on the Shaligram Shila nicely
- Chant mantra of god/ goddess
- Show Dhoop/ Agarbatti to Shaligram Shila
- Offer some sweet, fruits and other eatable to the Shaligram Shila
- Speak out your wish loudly in front of the Shaligram Shila

Why Buy Shaligram Shila From Shaligram Shala

The Shaligram products are delivered to the customers after proper energization & pran pratishtha. Therefore all the devotees are requested to forward their date, time & place of birth while ordering Shaligram Shila, so that the proper energization & pran pratishtha could be done on their names before the dispatch of the Shaligram.

Shaligram Shala is the Best Supplier in the World

Shaligram Shala ( is the best supplier in the world of Natural and Genuine Shaligram Shilas. We have a dedicated and experienced team to ensure that we deal only in genuine and premium quality shilas. Being the largest supplier of Shaligram Shila in the world, we command the best quality and affordable price in exotic, auspicious and sacred shaligram shilas. We at Shaligram Shala offer Shaligram Shila from Gandaki river.

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