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GemstoneRuby Stone
Ruby Stone
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Ruby Stone | Manik Gemstone | Ruby Gemstone Benefits | Rudraksha Ratna

Ruby or Manik Gemstone is a regularly happening Gemstone, which is a combination of the mineral corundum (aluminum oxide). To the extent science, Manik Gemstone is a mix of Aluminum, Oxygen, Iron and Chromium.The nearness of chromium in the Ruby Stones structure gives its color from pink to blood red. It is one of the four profitable stones and much searched for ensuing to, generate its growing expense in the present market.

Planet: Sun
Cosmoic Color: Yellow
Metal: Tin
Bheej Mantra: Hoom
Bhasm: Ark Bhasm
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Indian Ruby Stone-15.9-carat-GMRUB001
Size: 15.9carat
Discount Amount 50%:
Rs 15900/-   209 USD
Rs 31800/-   418 USD
Indian Ruby Stone-12.65-carat-GMRUB002
Size: 12.65carat
Discount Amount 50%:
Rs 12650/-   166 USD
Rs 25300/-   332 USD
Indian Ruby Stone-16.05-carat-GMRUB003
Size: 16.05carat
Discount Amount 50%:
Rs 16050/-   211 USD
Rs 32100/-   422 USD
Indian Ruby Stone-10.45-carat-GMRUB004
Size: 10.45carat
Discount Amount 50%:
Rs 10450/-   138 USD
Rs 20900/-   276 USD
Indian Ruby Stone-10.65-carat-GMRUB005
Size: 10.65carat
Discount Amount 50%:
Rs 10650/-   140 USD
Rs 21300/-   280 USD
Indian Ruby Stone-5.8-carat-GMRUB007
Size: 5.8carat
Discount Amount 50%:
Rs 5800/-   76 USD
Rs 11600/-   152 USD
Indian Ruby Stone-7.15-GMRUB009
Size: 7.15carat
Discount Amount 50%:
Rs 7150/-   94 USD
Rs 14300/-   188 USD
Indian Ruby Stone-5.4-carat-GMRUB010
Size: 5.4carat
Discount Amount 50%:
Rs 5400/-   71 USD
Rs 10800/-   142 USD
Indian Ruby Stone-7.15-carat-GMRUB011
Size: 7.15carat
Discount Amount 50%:
Rs 7150/-   94 USD
Rs 14300/-   188 USD
Indian Ruby Stone-5.15-carat-GMRUB012
Size: 5.15carat
Discount Amount 50%:
Rs 5150/-   68 USD
Rs 10300/-   136 USD
Indian Ruby Stone-6.35-carat-GMRUB013
Size: 6.35carat
Discount Amount 50%:
Rs 6350/-   84 USD
Rs 12700/-   168 USD
Indian Ruby Stone-6.35-carat-GMRUB015
Size: 6.35carat
Discount Amount 50%:
Rs 6350/-   84 USD
Rs 12700/-   168 USD
Indian Ruby Stone-5.2-carat-GMRUB016
Size: 5.2carat
Discount Amount 50%:
Rs 5200/-   68 USD
Rs 10400/-   136 USD
Indian Ruby Stone-6.15-carat-GMRUB017
Size: 6.15carat
Discount Amount 50%:
Rs 6150/-   81 USD
Rs 12300/-   162 USD
Indian Ruby Stone-5-carat-GMRUB018
Size: 5carat
Discount Amount 50%:
Rs 5000/-   66 USD
Rs 10000/-   132 USD
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History of Ruby Gemstone

Since the antiquated occasions, Ruby has been a prized ownership. It is referenced at four places in the Bible. It is called as Ratnaraja in Sanskrit meaning the Emperor of diamonds. The Roman researcher Pliny in the main century AD depicted the magnificence and thickness of Ruby. Individuals in the antiquated India utilized rubies to live in harmony with their adversaries. The warriors of Burma (600 AD) warriors kept rubies with themselves to pick up triumph over their adversaries.

Planet Of Ruby Stone

Ruby Gemstone represents the planet Sun and grants great wellbeing and solidarity to the wearer. The best Ruby Gems are known to create vivacity and get sparkle the human instinct. It removes trouble and unhappiness from a persons character. It is accepted that gemstone Ruby Gems is powerful in protecting an individual from wickedness spirits, alongside upgrading his/her financial strength.

Power and Properties of Ruby Stone

By wearing a Ruby, one pulls in name, distinction and thriving, and guzzle authority characteristics. It is assigned as the King of gemstones because of its relationship with Sun. Ruby Stone is a defensive stone that offers saved wellbeing and immunity to its wearer.

Benefits of Ruby Stone

- It inspires creativity, wisdom and love
- brings forth spirituality and confidence.
- It develops mind power of a person.
-Mans wearing for nobality and repectability and womens wearing for passion and power.
- Improves blood circulation .

Who can wear Ruby Stone

Ruby Gemstones is an specific stone for government officials, politicians, engineers, stock brokers, merchants, etc. This Gemstone can be wear by those looking for good health and fame.

Procedure of Wearing

As per Vedic rituals all gemstones are pre-energized. It can worn on Sunday morning after bath on suggested, specific right/left hand finger. Before wearing chant the seed mantra " RAM " 108 times.