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RudrakshaRudraksha Beading Kit
Rudraksha Beading Kit
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Rudraksha Beading Kit | Rudraksha Cleaning Items | Buy Rudraksha Beading Kit Online

Shaligram Shala brings you Rudraksha beading Kit which contains a large collection of items to make your own Rudraksha accessories. We at Shaligram Shala provide silver caps, wires, silver and bead spacers, chains, nylon, silk and cotton threads, elastic, silver / gold chains, tools and variant jewel findings. We also provide Rudraksha maintenance kits and products like sandal oil and Ganjajal for cleansing and energizing of Rudraksha beads. Basically Rudraksha Beads have long been sought for their supposed magical & medicinal properties. The word Rudraksha (botanical name: Elaeocarpus Angustifolius) is a combination of the words Rudra (Shiva) & Aksha (eyes). According to the ancient spiritual texts like the Shiv Purana & the Devi Bhagwatam this herbal bead i.e. Rudraksh has numerous therapeutic properties & the spiritual significance. You can determine the value of Rudraksh Bead by various colours, sizes, shapes and the number of cuts called Mukhis.

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Caps Wire Spacers
Caps Wire Spacers
Rudraksha Cleaning Items
Rudraksha Cleaning Items
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Threads And Chains
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Buy Caps Wire Spacers Online

Shaligram Shala has a large variety of caps, wires and spacers that enhance the look of the Rudraksha mala, Rudraksha bracelets and other Rudraksha accessories. We offer high-quality spacers made with the best in class material that lasts long and looks good as well. We have a large collection of German silver balls, German silver caps, Crystal spacers, Copper caps, Silver rings to Silver wires, Sandal spacers, Rudraksha spacers and much more including different kinds of hooks. Every item in the collection is at best price and available in various designs that are beautiful and elegant. Shop online from our wonderful range of caps and spacers today.

Rudraksha Cleaning Items

Shaligram Shala presents Rudraksha Cleaning Items which comprise of Herbal Cleaner for cleaning Rudraksha and essentials for re-energizing the Rudraksha bead after cleaning. For the optimum effect of your Rudraksha products, we offer the perfect Rudraksha Maintenance Kit which has everything, from Toothbrush for cleaning Rudraksha, Sandal powder to Copper Kalash and Bowl, Rosewood Beads Mala for chanting Mantra to re-energize the Bead, Beej Mantra CD, Dhoop, etc. As we know that spirituality and devotion to God and religious culture is a part of day to day lives of many. This can be in the form of a small prayer or a grand pooja. The magnitudes differ but the devotion remains the same. While one focuses on idols and other accessories, maintaining them is also important. Shaligram Shala specializes in spiritual accessories and provides you with great choices that fulfill these necessities as well.

Buy Threads And Chains Online

Shaligram Shala has a large collection of Threads and Chains made of various materials for wearing Spiritual products like Lockets or Pendants, stringing Malas, Bracelets, Rosaries, Gemstone Beads etc. We have gold and silver chains in different thicknesses, designs for wearing Pendants/ Lockets, Silver Chain Bracelets, Art Silk Thread for stringing Rudraksha Bead Malas/ Bracelets, Elastic Thread for adjustable bracelets, Wax Thread of different thickness, Cotton Thread, Nylon Thread etc. The Gold and Silver Chains are designed in attractive and comfortable designs, which makes them suitable for daily wear.

Buy Best Tool Kits Online

The spiritual mala, bracelet and jewelry worn can be strung at home by you easily. Shaligram Shala brings tools to equip you to make your own Malas, Bracelets, Rosaries. We are offering best tools kits which comprise of a set of 24 Needles of various sizes, Cutter for cutting Silver or other metal Wires and threads which are used in stringing Rudraksha and other beads, Twister to securely twist the ends of metal or Silver wire to make the Necklaces and Bracelets. These tools kits are a buy for anyone who is keen on making his/ her own spiritual Malas, Bracelets, Jewelry etc.

Buy Rudraksha Beading Kit from Shaligram Shala

As per Shiva Purana the Rudrakshas can be worn in the form of bracelet, armlet, locket and mala (rosary). Rudrakshas can be worn by using thread along with copper, silver & gold caps or it can be worn in complete silver & gold capping joined with silver or gold wire.

At, the bracelet, armlet, locket and malas are made after following each and every ritual as mentioned in the shastras, vedas, upanishad, puranas & tantras. The rudraksha products are delivered to the customers after proper energization, tacchonization & pran pratishtha. Therefore all the devotees are requested to forward their date, time & place of birth while ordering rudrakshas, so that the proper energization & pran pratishtha could be done on their names before the dispatch of the Rudrakshas.