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Sacred Adwaitya Dhwani Shila

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Dhwani Shaligram | Significance of Dhwani Shaligram | Dhwani Shaligram Benefits

Dhwani Shaligram is a very special and most rare Shaligram Shila. Dhwani means sound ! So whenever the Dhwani Shaligram Shila is taken close to ears and the Shila is shaken, we can hear a sound from inside the Shaligram Shila. This sound can be of Aum or Sat. Both Aum or Sat are mantras that are capable of giving spiritual enhancement, a disease-free body and all materialistic things to the devotee. As per Skanda Purana the worship of Dhwani Shaligram Shilas removes all past bad karmas, sins and takes the devotee to spiritual path, philanthropic activities and total surrender to God. This Shila is extremely rare and maybe in a lot of one Lakh Shila there will be only one such Shaligram Shila. The Shila will be black with normal impressions and chakras and very cold to touch.
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Sarvottam Shashidhara Shiva Aum Dhwani Shila-EXDHW1002
Size: 5.2cm x 4.8cm x 4.2cm
Color: Jet Black
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