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ShaligramShaligram Mala, Lockets, Rings
Shaligram Mala, Lockets, Rings
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Shaligram Shala has designed extremely elegant and attractive Shree Shaligram rosary, lockets and rings of different types for the benefit of the devotees. As per Skanda Purana, in early 1900 the Trupati God Balaji (Veketeshwar) used to be decorated with a rosary of round or small Sudarshan Shaligram Shilas as shown in the picture on the website. Decorating Lord Vishnu with Shaligram rosary is considered very auspicious. The Shree Shaligram rosary has been designed in gold, silver and panchdhatu as these three metals are very auspicious as per our Hindu texts. If the rosary is designed in these metals the effect of the worship multiply manifold times. The Shree Shaligram rosary is used in decorating the Lord Vishnu and the Lord feels very happy to wear the Shaligram malas, rings, lockets and blesses the devotee to the maximum. has designed various such beautiful rosary, lockets and rings using different gemstones, tulasi malas, sandalwood beads, malas and metals.

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Benefits of Wearing Shaligram Shila Accessories

- Wearing of Shree Shaligram rosary, malas, rings and lockets makes the devotee feel very much close to Lord and very well protected.
- Wearing of Shaligram rosary bestows the devotee with immense prosperity, extreme protection and peaceful environment in his surroundings.
- The rosary, lockets etc. are also kept in the Altar and puja room as these bring immense positivity.
- Presence of these divine accessories removes evil forces from the surroundings.
- Wearing of small Shree Gopal Krishna or Sudashan Shaligram malas by the devotee bestows the devotee with extreme protection and peaceful environment.

Sudarshan Locket | Sudarshan Shaligram Mala

The accessories made of Sudarshan Shaligram are very auspicious to be worn by any devotee. It is worn at the Heart or Anahata Chakra on the chest. The worshipper of this Shaligram gets immense protection from occult, black magic and peaceful environment prevails at his place. Lord Sudershan keeps all devils away and so if the persons trying to harm the worshipper have a very sad end. All the obstacles are removed from path of the wearer and he leads a very comfortable and pious life. It also helps in increasing the wit and creativity. The wearer not only fights for his own rights but also struggles to attain the rights of others and in the process gains immense name and fame.

Why Wear Shaligram Accessories

The wearing of these Shaligram Accessories is very beneficial for especially leaders, businessmen, politicians, doctors and professionals. At least one Sudershan Shaligram every devotee should have in his altar or they can wear this powerful Shila as a locket, mala, ring or pendant. The devotee gets Moksha by wearing these Shaligram Shila accessories.

Importance of Shaligram Mala, Lockets, Rings

The Shaligram Locket is designed very immaculately in a beautiful silver/ golden design which looks extremely beautiful. The Shila is being fitted inside the silver frame to radiate maximum energy and also to absorb maximum negativity from the house, workplace or surroundings of the devotee. The wearing of Sudarshan locket brings immense protection, good relations, virtuous children, and provides extreme protection against thefts and accidents to the devotee. His all works are consummated without any obstacles. The Shaligram Locket can be worn by man, woman and child of any age. The wearing of this powerful locket brings extreme protection, immense peace and prosperity to the wearer.