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Online Puja and Yajna Services8. Daan Dakshina and Pran Prathistha
8. Daan Dakshina and Pran Prathistha

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Daan Dakshina and Pran Prathistha | दान दक्षिणा और प्राण प्रतिष्ठा | Shaligram Shala

Shaligram Shala brings special online puja services for Pran Prathistha puja of Shaligram Rudraksha, Yantras, Parad, Idols and Daan Dakshina Puja i.e. Brahmins Bhoj (offering food to Brahmins), Shodashopachara Puja and Cow donation Puja for blessings and deriving Punya. Shaligram Shala is famous globally for online Vedic Puja services. We perform the Puja and rituals in accordance with the rituals mentioned in Vedic scriptures. Our online puja services perform Daan Dakshina and Pran Prathistha Puja by a team of learned priests in our own temple with the live streaming facility. During the Daan Dakshina Puja and Pran Prathistha Puja, Cow donation & Brahmins Bhojs are done your behalf and video of Sankalpa and Puja are sent to you.

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Pran Pratistha Puja for Making Divine Object Alive-OPS-17-1
Discount Amount 50%:
Rs 1100/-   14 USD
Rs 2200/-   28 USD
Donation for Charity-OPS-17-2
Discount Amount 50%:
Rs 5100/-   63 USD
Rs 10200/-   126 USD
Brahmins Bhoj to get their blessings, gain Punya and satisfy the souls of forefathers-OPS-17-3...
Discount Amount 50%:
Rs 5500/-   68 USD
Rs 11000/-   136 USD
Ritual Pran Pratistha of Idols-OPS-17-4
Discount Amount 50%:
Rs 10100/-   125 USD
Rs 20200/-   250 USD
Cow Donation Puja Mantra Japa & Yagna with Gau Daan Ritual-OPS-17-5
Discount Amount 50%:
Rs 22000/-   272 USD
Rs 44000/-   544 USD
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Why should One Offer Charity


As per this ancient texts, if one does not donate then the person is penniless or दरिद्र and because he is in misery he performs various evil deeds. By performing evil deeds he ends up in here and after taking rebirth again he will be in the vicious cycle of misery and evil deeds. By performing Daan Dakshina Puja or charity one can attain all the state of Dharma, Kama, Artha and Moksha.

Cow Donation (Gau Dan)

Cow Donation or Gau Dan / Godaan has been practised since ancient times when the Kings and nobles donated cows to Brahmins & others. It is believed that a person should donate at least one cow in his lifetime because the benefits of donating a cow are numerous. No other donations or Daan Dakshina can be compared with Cow Donation.

Shaligram Shala Puja Services

Shaligram Shala is one of the most famous online Vedic puja services brings various Daan Dakshina and Pran Prathistha pujas. All the Vedic Pujas & Yajnas are conducted according to the Vedic scriptural procedure by our priests or पुजारी. All the priests of our online puja services have attained Vedic scholarship from the Kashi Gurukul. The Daan Dakshina and Pran Prathistha include Pran Pratistha Puja, Daan Dakshina Puja, Brahmins Bhoj, Donation for Charity Puja, Ritual Pran Pratistha for Idols.

How to Use and Place the Puja Tokri Ingredients

After Performing each Puja or energization or pran pratishtha ritual we send Puja Tokri that incorporates Red Thread (Moli), Haldi (turmeric) and Kumkum, an energized Yantra, a fortune yantra coin (Lakshmi, Ganesh and Saraswati), Rudraksha bead, a small size Nariyal, an energized Taveez having Homa Bhasma in pure silver, betel nut, Dry Prasadam and Akshata (Colored Rice) etc.

Haldi, Kumkum and Colored Rice: These sacred objects are implemented on the forehead for the duration of a Puja or offered to Yantras/Deity idols. Haldi (Turmeric powder) represents purity; it gets rid of negativity. In the Ayurvedic Shastra, it acts as an anti-septic agent. Kumkum is related to existence, fertility and movement. Rice grains constitute wealth and prosperity. They are offered to the deities whilst chanting mantras. All these things are to be placed in your home puja altar or temple. You must use them if possible in yout daily puja ritual.

Yantra: A Blessed Yantra is found for your Puja altar or money safe or carried in pockets. A Yantra is the representation of sacred geometric symbols. its the middle point encircled by the geometries. Symbolically, it factors to our herbal location; this can be the centre during which the Divine lives, our journey from being outward to being inward, achieving the center.. It is going away from lack of knowledge to merging with the Divine at the centre. Yantras are the diagrammatic representations of various Vedic mantras and consequently resonate tremendous energies, disperse bad energies and spiritually elevate the people using them.
Placement of Yantra: You may also place it close to the doorway of your home/workplace/store or on your residing room or reception or room or office cabin. You can also preserve it on a table or use it as a wall striking. Yantra be placed in the East part of your house facing the West direction.

Rudraksha Bead: An energized Rudraksha Bead to be positioned in an altar or your money secure. By carrying energized Rudraksha beads, one surely feels pure in their body and mind. Even the mere sight of a Rudraksha bead or the devotees carrying such beads is incredibly sanctifying. Japas or meditation on the beads without a doubt liberates your mind from poor feelings. You can wear the Rudraksha bead on your neck or carry it with you in your bag. Also you can place it in your home puja altar or temple.

Potli: A potli includes Gomati Chakra, Cowrie, Sriphal and Shell to be saved in coin fields or pockets or cash lockers for economic prosperity and also protects from monetary debacles. Gomati Chakra is related to Goddess Lakshmi. If you closely understand the word, the Gomati Chakra looks like the Sudarshan Chakra or Discus of Lord Krishna. It is believed that the Gomati chakras formed a part of Lord Krishnas majestic palaces in Dwaraka. These chakras embellished the walls and the Lords palaces. Cowrie Shells denote the strength of future, fertility, birth and wealth. Sriphal represents riches and fertility. Lastly shells also are used as tools to repel evil and negativity. This can be placed inside your cash box or you can place it in your home puja altar or temple.

Red Thread Moli: Energized Red Thread Moli is tied to your right wrist (for men) and left for women. Red is associated with lifestyles and strength. It reminds you of your Sankalp at some point of the puja. You can place this in your home puja altar or temple and use it in your daily puja rituals.

Fortune Coin: A blessed Ganesh, Lakshmi, Saraswati coin for your coin box. It represents by no means-finishing wealth and fortune. Lord Ganesha eliminates obstacles, Lakshmi represents auspiciousness and Saraswati represents knowledge. This can be placed inside your cash box or you can place it in your home puja altar or temple.

Tabeez / Kavach: A Pure Silver Tabeez having Homa Bhasma to be worn across the neck or kept in money safe. It suggests their divine energy whilst humans tie them on their fingers or cling in their neck. You can wear the Kavach on your neck or carry it with you in your bag. Also you can place in your home puja altar or temple.

Betel Nut: A Betelnut wrapped in Red Thread is kept on your Puja altar for auspiciousness. Placing it with Betel leaf signifies benefits, energy, excellent health and prosperity. This can be placed in your home puja altar or temple.