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Sarvottam Gopal-AUGOP1005
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Colour: Jet Black
Dimension : 2.8cm x 2.3cm x 1.8cm
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Ladoo Gopal Shaligram | Importance of Ladoo Gopal Shaligram | Buy Top Quality Ladoo Gopal Shaligram | Buy Ladoo Gopal Shaligram Online

Ladoo Gopal Mantra: Om Shreeng Hreeng Kleeng Glaung Devakisut Govind Vasudev Jagatpate Dehi Me Tanayam Krishn Tvaamaham Sharanam Gatah
मंत्र: ॐ श्रीं ह्रीं क्लीं ग्लौं देवकीसुत गोविन्द वासुदेव जगत्पते देहि मे तनयं कृष्ण त्वामहं शरणं गतः

Bal Gopal Shaligram or Laddu Gopal Shaligram is the baby form of Lord Krishna. He is considered to be the cutest member of the family. Therefore He is worshipped and taken care of like a child of the family in every household. It is believed that if you have Bal Gopal Shaligram at home, then you must follow all the rules and regulations of worship properly. Bal Gopal is Lord Krishna Himself and He is supposed to be the first member of the family. This Ladoo Gopal Shaligram Shila is very exotic, powerful, extremely attractive, brilliant, auspicious, emits very high radiance and has extraordinarily high energy levels. The Shaligram products are delivered to the customers after proper energization & pran pratishtha. Therefore all the devotees are requested to forward their date, time & place of birth while ordering Shaligram Shila, so that the proper energization & pran pratishtha could be done on their names before the dispatch of the Shaligram.

The Ladoo Gopal Shaligram Shila is a round Shila representing a ladoo which Gopal (small krishna) used to relish. Worshipping this Bal Gopal Shila is extremely good for knowledge, wit, intelligence and extreme love to the near and dear ones. This Ladoo Gopal Shaligram is very commonly available but if worshipped can give miraculous results in research and development, inventions and discoveries. The Shila is extremely smooth, perfectly shaped, lustrous, small sized, cold to touch, has flawless impressions.

All About Ladoo Gopal

Long time ago, there was a great devotee of Shri Krishna in Braj Bhoomi .. Kumbhandas ji. He had a son Raghunandan. Kumbhandas ji had a Deity of Shri Krishna playing flute, he would be absorbed in the Lords devotion all the time and served Shri Krishna with all the rules. They did not leave them and go away, so that there should be no disturbance in their service.One day an invitation was invited from Vrindavan to do Bhagavata Katha for him. At first they refused, but after the people insisted that they were ready to go, preparing for the service of God, they would return daily after telling the story and the service rule of God would not be missed. He explained to his son that I have made bhog, you should offer Thakur ji on time and he left.

Raghunandan placed a plate of food in front of Thakur ji and urged with a simple mind that Thakur ji should offer bhog. His hair had this image in his mind that he would come and eat with his hands as we eat. He pleaded again and again, but he had kept the food just like that .. Now became depressed and the weeping cry of Thakurji came, offering it to us. Thakurji took the form of a child and sat down to eat and Raghunandan was also pleased. At night, Kumbhandas ji returned and asked if he had offered a son, Raghunandan said yes. When he asked for prasad, the son said that Thakurji ate all the food. They thought if the child was hungry, he would have eaten it himself. Now it has become a daily rule that Kumbhandas ji would go on a plate of food and offer raghunandan thakur ji. When he asked for Prasad, he would get only one answer that he ate all the food.

Kumbhandas ji now felt that the son had started lying, but why .. ?? He made laddus that day and decorated it in a plate and hid to see what the child did. When Raghunandan called Thakurji as usual, Thakurji appeared as a child and started eating laddus. Seeing this, Kumbhandas ji came running and started to beg and fell at the feet of the Lord. At that time, Thakurji had to go to the laddu in one hand and the laddu in the other hand to go to the mouth where he was rooted. Since then he is worshiped in this form and he came to be called Laddu Gopal .. !!

Benefits of Ladoo Gopal Shaligram

- For strong memory retention for Children
- For increasing intelligence and inculcating right thought process
- For children to respect parents and do serious studies
- For clearing competitive examinations
- For living life purpose

Ingredients required for abhishek procedure of Shaligram Shila

- Panchgavya (Water, Milk, Curd, Ghee, Honey)
- Any one Fruit Juice (Coconut water, Ganne ka Ras, Anar Juice)

Abhishek Procedure of Shaligram Shila

Devotees can do abhishek of Shaligram Shila once or twice a week as per convenience and the detailed of abhishek procedure of Shaligram Shila is given below

- Bath Shaligram Stone with water
- Offer all abhishekam liquid one by one which are Panchgavya (Water, Milk, Curd, Ghee, Honey) and any one Fruit Juice (Coconut water, Ganne ka Ras, Anar Juice)
- Now wipe off Shaligram Shila with a clean cloth and place it on pedestal

Ingredients required for Worship procedure of Shaligram Shila

- gandaki river water/ gangajal
- clean cloth
- sandal paste
- tulsi leaf
- Dhoop & Agarbatti
- sweet, fruits and other eatable
- a picture of deity related to Shaligram Shila

Worship Procedure of Shaligram Shila

- First of all place the Shaligram Shila on a metal plate
- Sit facing east direction
- Bath the Shaligram Shila with gandaki river water/ gangajal
- Wipe it off with clean cloth
- Apply tika of sandal paste on the Shaligram Shila and place one tulsi leaf on the Shaligra Shila so the tulsi rests on the Shaligram Shila nicely
- Chant mantra of god/ goddess
- Show Dhoop/ Agarbatti to Shaligram Shila
- Offer some sweet, fruits and other eatable to the Shaligram Shila
- Speak out your wish loudly in front of the Shaligram Shila

Why Buy Shaligram Shila From Shaligram Shala

The Shaligram products are delivered to the customers after proper energization & pran pratishtha. Therefore all the devotees are requested to forward their date, time & place of birth while ordering Shaligram Shila, so that the proper energization & pran pratishtha could be done on their names before the dispatch of the Shaligram.

Associated Chakra Planet & Products

If the above Shaligram Ji is worshipped along with the following items, the power of this product increases manifolds times more. If you buy any of these items, we shall energize that item during your puja so that these will give you very good results. We will energize and also do Abhimantram of that item.

Chakra - Anahata (Heart) Chakra is balanced by worshipping this Shaligram Shila. Chakra is seven centers of religious energy in the human body. Chakras are the circular vortexes of power that are situated in seven different points on the spinal column, and all the seven chakras are related to the different organs and glands within the body. These chakras are responsible for disturbing life energy.

Planet - Mercury (Buddh) is associated with this Shaligram. According to the Vedic astrology, all the nine planets in your horoscope (Kundali) affect the course of life i.e. marriage, career, health, finances etc. The movement of these planets in the horoscope forms yogas or doshas (negative influences). Due to these Navagraha doshas, people face various obstacles & hindrances in their life. In order to minimize and negate the malefic doshas or malefic influence of these planets, we perform various Pujas & Yagnas.

Rudraksha - 10 Mukhi is also worshipped along with this Shaligram. By doing so the power of this product increases manifolds times more. Shaligram Shala offers certified Rudraksh sourced from Nepal & Java (Indonesia). These Rudraksh Bracelet & Malas are genuine & real and can work as a cure for a wide variety of diseases including chronic headaches, allergies & skin problems, backaches & digestive problems, depression & insomnia and also several kinds of emotional problems. You can purchase online Rudraksha, Shaligram, gemstones, Vastu products, Puja & Yagnas, meditation accessories, bracelets, Malas and spiritual books & CDs.

Gemstone - Wearing Emerald (Panna) along with this Shaligram gives results quickly. Gemstones also known as gems, precious stones, semi-precious stones, Vedic gemstones, Jyotish gemstones are one of the most beautiful & exotic minerals with elegant appearance & color. Gems or Gemstones Jewelleries are extensively used for healing and self-empowerment. There are different types of gems with different prices. The price of gemstones depends on the quality of minerals & availability.

Murtis & Idols - You should also worship Krishna murtis or idols along with the Shaligram. is one of the leading websites which deals in very high quality and rare Murtis & Idols made of makrana marbles & brass. The Pranpratisthit Murtis are actual live Murties and bestow the devotee with longevity, protection against sudden accidents and thefts.

Yantra - Worshipping Krishna Yantra along with the above Shaligram gives accurate results. Yantra established the vibration of large resonance or amplitude with the benefic energy of the cosmos. These vibrations generate contact with highly elevated energies and help to enhance the spirituality within and attain spiritual course of conduct in our daily lives. It also increases the intensity of prayer & makes our thoughts more influential & strong.

Puja - Performing Sri Krishna Puja Mantra Japa and Yagna gives you very good results. Shaligram Shala Puja and Yagna Services is the most trusted brand for online Hindu pujas and yajna services providers. Our Managing Director of Shaligram Shala Sh. Rajeev Krishna Dasa who is Initiated in Gaudiya Sampradaya has been performing very big pujas like Ati Rudra Puja with 108 priests, Laksh Chandi puja and Yagna with 1100 priests, Satchandi Yagna, Ganesha Laxmi Saraswati pujas, Laxmi Narayana Pujas, Shiva Durga Pujas, Sudarshana Homam, Dasha Mahavidya Pujas, Nav Durga pujas, Navagraha poojas etc.

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