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Identification of Shaligram


Prominent types of Shalagrams with their sub sections:
In the Praanatashanitantra (PTT, pages 351-356) the following varieties of Shalagram with their sub types have been quoted from different ancient books:
Keshava: i) Marked with a small circular print, a garland and several golden dot prints. ii) Marked with a conch and circle on the lower middle portion.

Hayagriva: i) Blue in colour, shaped like searhead (Ankusha), an marked with a linear, a circular and several dot prints. ii) With five linear marks, other characteristics being the same above iii) Marked with a circle and a flag-print, other things being the same as above. Iv) Green in colour, shaped like the head of a horse, and marked with a circle.

Paremeshthin: i) With a hole at the top and having the marks of a lotus, a circle and several dots. Ii) White in colour, having a decent hole and a picture at the top and marked with a discus and a lotus. iii) Reddish in colour with a circular and linear mark and a hole at the top. iv) Round in shape, yellow in colour with a hole at the top. v) Reddish or yellowish in colour with the mark of a lotus and a circle on his body, its top portion being divided by a circular hole.

Hiranyagarbha : i) With the colour like that of honey and having a round with a lobe protuding out, It has moon like marks and several golden linear marks on his body. ii) Black in colour and round in shape with a circular glaced opening. A sweet sound is always formed inside his body. It is marked with a charming shrivastsa (a circle formed of hair) at its top.

Chaturbhuja : he holds the colour of a new cloud. It is round in shape with four circular marks on the body.

Gadadhara : Green in colour with its lower middle portion raised upwards. It was a big hole at its top, and is marked with long lines.

Narayana :i) He holds at his front side a good looking opening marked with a necklace, a golden bracelet (keyura) and other ornaments. ii) it is marked with two circular prints on its either side with a clear circular mark at its opening.

Laxminarayana: Any one of the folowing marks. i) It has a single opening with four circular marks (or with a vanamala) ii) Round in shape big in size, having a glaced opening marked with a flag, a cross and a spear head iii) Round in shape with a circular opening marked with four circles, and also printed with a flag, a cross a spear head and a yellow spot. iv) Green in colour, round in shape, and maked with one or four circular prints. v) Big in size with a comparatively high top, and marked with a flag, a cross, a spear head a garland and a few dot prints. vi) With a small opening having four circular prints and also marked with garland vii) Marked with three circular prints viii) With the colour of a new cloud and having a single opening marked with four circular prints, and also having the mark of a garland on his body.

Naranarayana : Green in colour with a charming shape, having reddish circular marks at the opening and golden spot on his body.

Rupinarayana : Marked with a pestle, a garland, a conch, a discuss and mace on his front side. It may also have the mark of a bow at his front.

Madhava : With a colour like that of honey, and marked with a mace and conch.
Govinda Any one or more of the following. i) Black in colour and very charming to look at with a round white spot. He holds the marks of a mace and a discus on his right side and that of mountain on the left ii) Black in colour and middle in size, having his central portion raised upwards. He has a big opening beautifully marked with circles, and his body is also decorated with five different circle.

Vishnu : i) Big in size and black in colour with linear marking at the centre of the opening ii) with the mark of the mace at the centre of the opening things being the same as above.

Madhusudhana : With a single circular mark at the opening and the marks of a conch and a lotus on his body.

Trivikrama i) green in colour, triangular in shape, and glittering to look at. He holds a single circular mark on his let side and a linear mark on his right side, ii)with two circular marks, other things apparently being the same as above.

Shridhar : i) Round n shape and decorated with five linear marks and a good looking garland mark. ii)with linear marks standing upward on his both sides, other things are the same as above iii)green in colour, round in shape with a flat upper side and having a lotus mark at the opening.iv) Very small in size, and marked with two circular and a garland. v) Glittering like a gem, and having the marked with two circle vi) he has a glaced body with the mark of vanamala on it, and there are also linear marks on the upper side on his body.

Hrishikesh : i) shaped like a half moon ii) With a single circular mark and also with marks resembling the hair of a boar.

Padmanabha : i) Reddish in colour with a mark of a louts on his body. ii) With a full and half circular mark, and also with the mark of a petal (of a lotus) but there is no hair mark on the body.

Damodara : i) Big in size with a small circular mark ii) Green in colour and big in size with a very small opening. He has a circular mark and one or more yellow spots on his body. iii) he has single opening not very deep, and two curcular marks one above the other. There is also a long linear mark at his centre.
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