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Identification of Shaligram


Sudarshan : i) Green in colour and glittering to look at. He holds the mark of a mace and a discus on his left side and two linear marks on his right side. A lotus printed with linear marks is also found on his body. ii) A circular mark at the top and a big opening its deeply dark.

Vaasudeva : White in colour and glittering to look at. He has two circular marks closely printed but not joined, as his opening.

Pradyumna : i) yellow in colour with a small opening and having several linear marks both at the top as well as on the sides. ii) Blue in colour with many holes at his small mouth and having a comparatively long shape.

Aniruddha : i) Blue in colour and round in shape and glaced, and printed with a lotus and three linear marks ii) Black in colour with a beautifully shaped opening and having the mark of a discus at the centre, another on a side and a small circle at the top iii) Yellow in colour round in shape and very charming to look at.

Purushottama : i) golden in colour with a circular mark at the middle portion of his body and a bigger circular mark at the top. ii) Yellow in colour and marked with dot prints on all sides iii) With openings on all sides numbering about ten.

Adhokshaja : Deep dark in colour with red linear marks. He is round in shape with a single circular mark and a few reddish spots on his body. He may be either big or small in size.

Acyuta : With four circular marks on the right and left sides and two red circles at the opening. He is also marked with conch, discus, stick, bow, arrow, mace, pestle, flag, a white umbrella and a red spearhead.

Upendra :Green in colour and glittering like a gem. He has a glaced body with one or more circular marks on his sides.

Janardana : i) With two openings marked with four cirles ii) Wite two circular marks on the sides and two others at the top. iii) With one opening at the front side, and another at the back side, each marked with two circles.

Laxmijanardana :With one opening printed with four circles

Hari : Green in colour, round in shape with one opening at the top. The lower portion of his body is marked with dot prints.

Ananta: i) Marked with the hood of a snake and many circles. Ii) With many holes on his body and marked with several circles iii) Variegated in colour and marked with the hood of a snake and also with circular prints not less than 14 and not more than 20 in number iv) big size, cloudy in colour and marked with 14 chakra prints.

Yogeshwara : The type found at the top of the shalagram mountain.

Pundarikaaksham : Printed with two eye like marks either on a side or at the top.

Chaturmukha : With four linear marks rising from the sides, and also printed with two circular marks on the middle portion of his body.

Yajnamurthi : Reddish yellow in colour, with a small opening and tewo circular marks one at the bottom and one the other side on the right side.

Dattatreya : i) With white, red and black spot all over his body and a mark of rosary on the topside ii) Red and yellow and colour, other things being the same as above.

Shishmaarga : Long in shape, with a deep triangular opening and having one or two circular marks on the front side and another on the back side.

Hamsa : Shaped like a bow with mixed colour of blue and white and having the marks of a discus and lotus on his body.

Parahamsa : Shaped like the throat of a peacock, with a glaced body and round opening. Inside the opening there are two circular marks with a sun like print on the right side of them. There are also tewo linear marks forming the shape of a boar on his body.

Lakshmipati : Either the front or any one of his rear side is shaped like the throat of a peacock. He is dark in colour with a big opening and a small circular mark.

Garudadhvaja : Round in shape with the marks of golden horns and hoofs on the body. He is also printed with a circular mark with dark linear marks inside it.

Batapatrashaayin : Round in shape with a mixed colour of white, red and blue, he has also one circular mark with a conch on his left and a lotus on his right side. There are also four circular marks and three dot prints inside his opening.

: He has 23 circular marks on his body.

Vishvarupa : With one opening and many circular marks.

Ananta : Bigger than vishvarupa in size with five opening and many circular marks.he is also held as a variety of Vishvarupa.
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