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Shaligram Worship Mantra/ Shaligram Puja Mantra

Avahana or Asana Mudra
Avahana or asana mudra, for offering a seat to the Lord.
Snana Mudras
Showing snana mudras.
Jagannatha Astakam
Silas are bathed eight times by mudra-mantra. We chant a verse from the Sri Jagannatha-astakam for each bath.
Shaligram Throne
we prepare the throne of for Their return after bathing as we prepared the snana-vedi.
Vastra Mudra
Having returned to Their throne, Their are dressed. Vastra mudra is shown.
Abharana Mudra
Abharana mudra.
Gandha Mudra
Gandha mudra.
Dhupa mudra for shaligram
Dhupa mudra.
Dipa mudra for saligram
Dipa mudra.
Puspa mudra for Shila
Puspa mudra.
Naivedya mudra for salagram
Naivedya mudra.
water for saligramam
After setting the offering plate (of banana, yoghurt and gur) before the silas, We place 3 drops of water into my right palm...
Mantra chant
show Ram-bija mudra and chant "Raam-Raam-Raam"
Gandaki Shaligram
And then show Tham-bija mudra and chant "Tham-Tham-Tham." This procedure burns off impurities and nectarizes the offering.
Chakra Shaligram
Cakra and dhenu mudras, 8 times chanting Deity's mula-mantra, then matsya-mudra. Then We ring the bell, chant the offering prayers, first line of gayatri, and chant Purusa-sukta
Naivedya for Shaligram
This is a general mudra. One could use it for any item. We show it when it is time to offer water after naivedya.
Garud Puran
Punaracamaniya mudra.
Skanda Puran
The general mudra again, now shown for tambula.
Kali Gandaki
Malya mudra.
Gandaki Shaligram
Showing the sarva mudra, which is a gesture made with the right hand on both sides of the Deity, starting on the left.
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