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Shaligram Puja/ शालिग्राम शिला की पूजा कैसे कर

Summary of the rest of the worship

We should worship the lotus feet of Srimati Radharani,which stand next to SSJS, with mantra-mudra of dhupa, dipa, puspa and mala. Then I chant Her gayatri and offer prayers to SSJS and Srimati Radharana together.

We should worship Sri-Sri Laksmi-Sesasayi by offering the same mantra-mudras as to SSJS. However I do not offer physical naivedya. Since SSJS are the main Deities, all other silas share the physical naivedya that They receive.

We should worship Sri Giriraja by offering mantra-mudras for bathing, dressing, ornaments, gandha, garlands, flute and everything.
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Original Shaligram
Simple Worship for Shaligram
How to Worship Shaligram

These pictures show the offering of tulasi that is made at the end, to all silas. We chant Tulasi prayers at this time. Her leaves are applied to each of the silas. Here, prasadam from the snana-vedi and the tulasi offering is placed in a brass pot that is then offered to Srila Prabhupada and Sri Guruparampara. Garlands are offered by mantra-mudra to all acaryas.
After the puja We offer a fire yajna. But this, too, on most days we do by mantra-mudra. Instead of physically offering ghee into a fire, We offer the Ram-bija mudra and the dipa mudra to the yajna-vedi. The Yajna-purusa silas preside over the fire sacrifice. Actually, this yajna constitutes the specific worship for these two silas.


Matsya-dwadashi is celebrated on the twelfth day of hindu month-Margashirsh. On this auspicious day a devotee should worship lord Matsya -the incarnation of lord Vishnu with appropriate rituals and give charity to brahmins. Prithvi was the first one to observe this particular austerity while she was being abducted to rasatala by a mighty demon named Hiranyaksha. A devotee who observes a fast on this day and worships lord Matsya with appropriate rituals attains to Brahma loka and remains their for eternity. Such a person attain's a divine body when creation recommences after the period of deluge. An issue-less woman is blessed with a virtuous son if she observes a fast on this day. Matsya-dwadashi is capable of absolving a man even of the gravest of his sin.


This particular austerity is dedicated to the worship of lord Kurma-the incarnation of lord Vishnu. It is celebrated on the twelfth day of the bright half of the hindu month 'pausha'. The austerity which commences on the tenth day itself when a devotee is supposed to purify himself by taking a holy bath. On the following day he observes a fast and worships lord Kurma with appropriate rituals. He breaks his fast on dwadashi which marks the conclusion of the austerity. A devotee who observes a fast on this auspicious day becomes absolved of all his sins and attains salvation.


Varah dwadashi is celebrated on the twelfth day of the bright half of the hindu month-magh. This was the day on which Prithvi had been rescued by lord Varah-the incarnation of lord Vishnu. An idol of lord Varah is installed on a pot filled with water and worshipped with appropriate rituals amidst the continuous chanting of the mantra-'om varahay namah'. Offerings of various articles are made while worshipping lord Varah-sandal- wood,incense, naivedya,etc. After the accomplishment of the rituals brahmins are fed and charity given to them. One who observes a fast on this day enjoys a good health and prosperity. Such a man becomes absolved of all his sins and attains to heaven after his death.


This austerity is observed on the twelfth day of the bright half of the hindu month-phalgun. A devotee should observe fast on this day and worship lord Nrisimha with appropriate rituals. This particular austerity is capable of absolving a man from all his sins.


Vaman dwadashi is celebrated on the twelfth day of the bright half of the hindu month-chaitra. A devotee should observe a fast and worship lord Vaman by saying the following prayer-O Lord!Vaman-the dwarfish incarnation of the almighty Vishnu,who took incarnation on the auspicious day of dwadashi in the month of chaitra-I seek your blessings. "One who observes a fast on this day is blessed and protected from all kinds of danger.

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