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Ajna Chakra | Third Eye Chakra Stones | Ajna Chakra Meditation

Ajna Chakra is the Sixth Chakra is also known as the Third Eye Chakra. The importance of Ajna or Third Eye is ‘perception’, and it also means ‘become aware of’ & ‘control’. It is related with the imagination, power of thought, abstract ideas and controls the entire personality of an individual.

A well balanced Ajna Chakra or Third Eye Chakra displays charisma and intuitive brilliance in a person. A person with a balanced Ajna Chakra possess a calm mind and display clarity of judgment. Blockage in Ajna Chakra or Third Eye Chakra may result in aggression, disharmony, stubbornness along with physical ailments like eyes and nose problems, headache and blood circulation issues in the brain.

Third Eye (Ajna) Chakra Powers

At the point when your Third Eye (Ajna) Chakra is open and balanced, your instinct is your steady guide that you trust and follow up on with certainty. You are without personality and acknowledge individuals and circumstances the manner in which they are.

You can settle on decisions that can't turn out badly, and you have exact evaluations about individuals and circumstances. With the power of your mind and power of intuition, you can see the ‘truth’ that surrounds us. Your foresight awakens and you can use the ability of visualization and imagination and enhance your creative brilliance.

Third Eye (Ajna) Chakra Association

When energy is not flowing freely in Third Eye Chakra or Ajna Chakra, some of the following physical symptoms arises. - High Temper
- Sinus Problem
- Stubbornness
- Vision Problems

Life Lessons

-Ability to select intuitively from the choices offered to us in life
-Emotional intelligence

Reasons of Blockage

-Seriousness and rigidity
-Too many limiting beliefs and not able to discriminate between right and wrong
-Too many different types of Egos

Emotional Effects

-Underactive Chakra could lead to fear of making own decisions
-Constantly turning to others for advice
-Obsessed with perfection but seen faltering on basic fundamentals
-Aggressive and stubborn attitude

Effect of Blockage

-Failure in seeing reality and lives in illusions
-Fear of success
-Lack of proper decision making

How To Balance/ Energize Ajna Chakra

-Kriya Yog
-By worshiping shaligram/ yantra and wearing gemstone and rudraksha

Aura Scanning & Chakra Balancing with Rajeev Singhal

Sh. Rajiv Krishna Dasa has a rare distinction of seeing more than fifty thousand Auras of above mentioned individuals from various sections of the society. He uses the latest machine from USA where the individual hand/ palm is placed on the biosensor and a camera is used to facilitate sending feedback of the pictures of the individual. The camera and biosensor are integrated on a computer and a live Aura and Chakras are shown to the individual on the computer screen.

The charges for Aura scanning is Rs. 2000/-. This includes recommendations of Kriya yog, meditation and breathing exercises. He again scan the Aura of the same individual second time after 40 days free of cost to prove that the Aura of an individual is enhanced and Chakras are much more balanced as compared to the first time and the recommended exercises are actually helping the individual. Then the same exercises or few additional exercises which he will tell during the second sitting can be practised every day for a better lifestyle, spiritual augmentation, good health and success.

For more details please contact or Whatsapp to 09322646420/ 09322646421.

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