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Manipura Chakra | Solar Plexus Chakra Healing | Activate Manipura Chakra

Manipura Chakra also known as Solar Plexus Chakra, situated at the spine with activation point located directly on the navel, means “lustrous gem.” A person with a reasonable Manipura Chakra subtly keeps up a feeling of intensity, finishes errands on schedule, moves in the direction of brilliance effortlessly and is a characteristic chief. The individual is unconstrained and has high regard for self as well as other people.

The Solar Plexus Chakra or Manipura Chakra demonstrates courage and conviction along the lines of high self-esteem. At the point when this Chakra is imbalanced, one may short tempered, lethargic, withdrawn and even self-centred to an extent. The illnesses or diseases associated with this chakra related with this Chakra are liver infection, diabetes, arthritis to cancer of the stomach, indigestion, gastric ulcers, weight issues and pancreas.

Symptoms Arises When Manipura Chakra Blocked

The Solar Plexus Chakra or Manipura Chakra is unblocked when an individual exhibits his/ her very own capacity and isn't scared by the intensity of others. At the point when vitality isn't streaming unreservedly in Solar Plexus (Manipura) Chakra, a portion of the accompanying physical manifestations emerge.

- Diabetes
- Indigestion Problem
- Chronic Tiredness
- Hypertension

Life Lessons

-Self-decisiveness without ruling others
-Realization of Self Power

Reasons of Blockage

-You give your capacity away to others as you feel this is important to keep harmony seeing someone
-You will in general be forceful as you want to be in charge consistently
-Loss of sense of pride
-You feel like an injured individual on the planet
-You store hard feelings or excruciating recollections of past and are unfit to give up

Emotional Effects

-Fear of defying individuals and issues
-Chronic weariness
-Loss of sense of pride
-Anger and disturbances
-Over touchy to analysis from others

Effect of Blockage

-Find it extremely difficult to be confident and decide, again and again depending on the conclusions of others
-Regularly pull in the individuals who guide us and put us down
-Life turns into an exhausting routine/everyday to the degree of inclination pointless
Roller napkin ride of Emotions. Continually responding to what other individuals do and don't do, say or don't state

How To Balance/ Energize Ajna Chakra

-Kriya Yog
-By worshiping shaligram/ yantra and wearing gemstone and rudraksha

Aura Scanning & Chakra Balancing with Rajeev Singhal

Sh. Rajiv Krishna Dasa has a rare distinction of seeing more than fifty thousand Auras of above mentioned individuals from various sections of the society. He uses the latest machine from USA where the individual hand/ palm is placed on the biosensor and a camera is used to facilitate sending feedback of the pictures of the individual. The camera and biosensor are integrated on a computer and a live Aura and Chakras are shown to the individual on the computer screen.

The charges for Aura scanning is Rs. 2000/- . This includes recommendations of Kriya yog, meditation and breathing exercises. He again scan the Aura of the same individual second time after 40 days free of cost to prove that the Aura of an individual is enhanced and Chakras are much more balanced as compared to the first time and the recommended exercises are actually helping the individual. Then the same exercises or few additional exercises which he will tell during the second sitting can be practised every day for a better lifestyle, spiritual augmentation, good health and success.

For more details please contact or Whatsapp to 09322646420/ 09322646421.

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