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Muladhara Chakra | Root Chakra Affirmations | Muladhara Chakra Yoga

Muladhara Chakra is the "root" or "establishment" Chakra is situated close to the base end of the spinal section in the body that governs the skeletal framework, pelvis, hip, legs and the excretory framework. The Muladhara Chakra also known as Root Chakra is the place where our entire Body Consciousness resides.

It is the seat of Mother Earth (or the Earth component). Earth component gives us the characteristics of strength, structure and backing at each dimension of our exhibition. It gives robustness through the physical body, structure through the skeleton and backing through the legs and feet.

Chakra 1: Root Chakra
Colour: Red
Element: Earth
Position: Base of the Spine
Objective: Birth issues, survival patterns, generational patterns,
money, food and health issues, grounding
Seat of: Body Consciousness
Complementary Chakra: Ajna

What Happens When Root Chakra is Imbalanced or Blocked

In case if Root Chakra is imbalanced or out of harmony, one would experience the sentiment of being unbalanced, ungrounded, uneven, would and feel exceptionally spacey and physically unfit as the establishing nature and strength of our Earth component has turned out to be debilitated (Our skeletal framework, feet, legs, knees, hips and pelvis are our establishment).

Fundamentally, Root (Muladhara) Chakra is related to survival and wellbeing and shows us the existence exercise of assuming responsibility by supporting oneself. When you choose to help yourself you will consequently pull in help. A person with a solid Root (Muladhara) Chakra is spotted out for a solid feeling that all is well with the world and common sense with a sound physical make-up.

On the other hand if Muladhara Chakra/ Root Chakra is blocked, an individual may lose the sense of belonging, would have frail physical structure, issue with bones, weight issues and a dreadful standpoint towards life when all is said in done, and all around critically the individual will confront a few deterrents in winning cash for survival.

Symptoms of Muladhara Chakra

There are the following symptoms which occur in the case, if energy is not flowing freely in Root Chakra or Muladhara Chakra.

- Obesity
- Arthritis
- Prostate Problem
- Varicose Veins

Life Lessons

-You believe you need to endure existence with no help and are continually getting by or doing without, here is never enough there will never be sufficient cash
-You see an absence of supporting
-You have pointless self image bothers on frivolous issues other than the huge issues
-You detest your body and feel you are bad enough the manner in which you are
-Supporting oneself
-Start confronting the present reality and become pragmatic
-Realization that I have full ideal to exist and be bolstered on the grounds that I was conceived Reasons of Blockage
-You may have been harboring the sentiment of being relinquished by your folks or you have been deserted by your folks which you are not ready to get over with

Passionate Effects

-Avoiding basic issues to be looked throughout everyday life
-Mental torpidity and feeling of being ungrounded
-Incapable of inward stillness
-Fears of precariousness
-Isolated conduct
-Too much tension
-Too numerous recollections and mental jabber
-Feel directionless and confounded
-Not ready to think and core interest
-Procrastinating/postponing basic everyday activities

Impacts of Blockage

-Attracting parcel of battles throughout everyday life
-Unable to settle throughout everyday life and change occupations regularly
-Feeling excessively dreadful about security and survival, this end up bargaining in employment and connections
If this Chakra is overactive, at that point individual may turn out to be excessively hopeful and excessively joined to family foundations, convictions and practices gained from them.

How To Balance/ Energize Ajna Chakra

-Kriya Yog
-By worshiping shaligram/ yantra and wearing gemstone and rudraksha

Aura Scanning & Chakra Balancing with Rajeev Singhal

Sh. Rajiv Krishna Dasa has a rare distinction of seeing more than fifty thousand Auras of above mentioned individuals from various sections of the society. He uses the latest machine from USA where the individual hand/ palm is placed on the biosensor and a camera is used to facilitate sending feedback of the pictures of the individual. The camera and biosensor are integrated on a computer and a live Aura and Chakras are shown to the individual on the computer screen.

The charges for Aura scanning is Rs. 2000/-. This includes recommendations of Kriya yog, meditation and breathing exercises. He again scan the Aura of the same individual second time after 40 days free of cost to prove that the Aura of an individual is enhanced and Chakras are much more balanced as compared to the first time and the recommended exercises are actually helping the individual. Then the same exercises or few additional exercises which he will tell during the second sitting can be practised every day for a better lifestyle, spiritual augmentation, good health and success.

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