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FAQs on Rudraksha

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Rudraksha | Original & Certified Rudraksha | Rudraksh Bead | 1 to 21 Mukhi Bead | Rudraksha Benefits | Rudraksha from Shaligram Shala

Ruling God: Lord Shiva
Ruling Planet: All
Beej Mantra: Aum Namah Shivaya, Aum Hreem Namah

Rudraksha Beads have long been sought for their supposed magical & medicinal properties. The word Rudraksha (botanical name: Elaeocarpus Angustifolius) is a combination of the words Rudra (Shiva) & Aksha (eyes). According to the ancient spiritual texts like the Shiv Purana & the Devi Bhagwatam this herbal bead i.e. Rudraksh has numerous therapeutic properties & the spiritual significance. You can determine the value of Rudraksh Bead by various colours, sizes, shapes and the number of cuts called Mukhis.

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Nepali Rudraksha Malas, Bracelets & Kanthas
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Rudraksha 1 Mukhi To 14 Mukhi Malas
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Rudraksha Beading Kit
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Rudraksha Ratna
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Rudraksha Rings in Silver
FAQs on Rudraksha
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Certified Rudraksha & Types of Rudraksh

With the development of modern science, scientists have carried various researches for evidence to support the ancient beliefs about Rudraksh or Rudraksh Bead. Their researches & findings have validated and also confirmed the divine power of Rare Rudraksh beads. People from every walk of life irrespective of caste, religion, creed, gender and nationality can use the divine Rudraksh and can attain the maximum spiritual, physical & material benefits.

Rudraksh range from 1 Mukhi to 21 Mukhi (each Bead) is capable of aligning our mind & the energy around us to specific outcomes in spiritual upliftment, health, prosperity, happiness, creativity, material fulfilment, intuitive ability, family harmony, self- empowerment, attraction & fearless life.

Genuine Rudraksha Found In Nature

Scientifically Rudraksh plant (Elaeocarpus) is a large genus of broad-leaved evergreen trees. Rudraksha trees are almost 50 ft to 200 ft in height and found in the North Indian River Plain of the Himalayas to South-East Asia, Indonesia & Nepal. These trees bear white flowers with fringed petals that develop into the drupaceous fruit resembling olive.

The branches of Rudraksh tree spread in all directions and growing in natural habitat. It is basically grown in the subtropical climatic region & temperature ranges should be from 25 to 30-degree centigrade. In its original form, a Rudraksha is this fruit with a blue husk (like fruits similar to Blueberries) covering the seed (bead). This fruit is kept in water for a number of days after then Rudraksh is taken out after peeling off the pulp. Rudraksh contain 50.031% carbon, 30.53% oxygen, 0.95% nitrogen & 17.897% hydrogen. In the single tree of Rudraksh, beads come in all different mukhis (faces) at the same time. But higher Mukhis Rudraksh is very rare to find. The Beads come in seasonal patterns every year around mid of the August to mid of October.

Buy Rudraksha Accessories from Shaligram Shala

As per Shiva Purana this divine bead can be worn in the form of bracelet, armlet, locket and mala (rosary). This bead can be worn by using thread along with copper, silver & gold caps or it can be worn in complete silver & gold capping joined with silver or gold wire. At, the bracelet, armlet, locket and malas are made after following each and every ritual as mentioned in the shastras, vedas, upanishad, puranas & tantras. The products are delivered to the customers after proper energization, tacchonization & pran pratishtha. Therefore all the devotees are requested to forward their date, time & place of birth while ordering, so that the proper energization & pran pratishtha could be done on their names before the dispatch of this products.

Significance of Rudraksha

Rudraksh also works on different chakras of the body and they cleanse the chakras in a very short duration. Wearing of helps to regulate blood pressure, providing relief from headache, skin problems, psychiatric cases, backache, tension, insomnia, phobia and giving success in educations, business and relationships. If you wear Rudraksh you start experiencing positive changes in around a week & full effects in around a month.

Beej Mantra of Rudraksha

Beej Mantra: Aum Namah Shivaya, Aum Hreem Namah

Benefits of Wearing Rudraksh

- Wearer gets peace & harmony. - It mitigates the effects of karmas
- Wearing a Rudraksh Bead protects against unfortunate events & ominous accidents.
- It also aids in memory retention & decision making
- Wearing this bead attracts abundance. - It increases self-power. - It stimulates the mind & sharpens the intellect.

Spiritual Benefits of Rudraksha Bead

- It removes planetary malefic.
- It also helps in the awakening of Kundalini.
- It gives peace of mind to the wearer.

Health Benefits of Rudraksha Bead

- It controls stress, hypertension & blood pressure.
- It balances the chakras & heals diseases in the body.
- Wearing this bead regulate blood pressure and provide relief from headache.

Who Can Wear Rudraksha Bead

Devotees of all cultures, backgrounds, caste, religion and gender can wear this divine Rudraksha bead. They are intended for persons at any stage in life irrespective of mental and physical condition. It can be worn by children, students, the elderly and ill for many benefits. People used to wear this powerful rudraksha for meditation. Rudraksha bead gives tranquillity and increases concentration power. Wearer of this Rudraksh get health benefits, a positive attitude towards life, attain wealth and prosperity.

Shaligram Shala is the Best Supplier in the World

Shaligram Shala ( is the best supplier in the world of Natural and Genuine Rudraksha Beads. Rudraksha bead from Shaligram Shala are handpicked and undergo strict quality check. We have a dedicated and experienced team to ensure that we deal only in genuine and premium quality beads. Being the largest supplier of Rudraksha bead in the world, we command best quality and affordable price in regular, collector and super collector beads. We at Shaligram Shala offer Rudraksha from Nepal and Indonesia.

Why Buy Rudraksha from Shaligram Shala

The Rudraksha products are delivered to the customers after proper energization & pran pratishtha. Therefore all the devotees are requested to forward their date, time & place of birth while ordering Rudraksha Beads, so that the proper energization & pran pratishtha could be done on their names before the dispatch of the product.

Daily Puja of Rudraksh Beads

As Rudraksha is a divine bead & it bestows all sorts of spiritual, mental & physical benefits to its wearer you should perform daily puja of Rudraksh. Rudraksh works fully after Pranprathistha Puja is done. However, you may choose to energize the Rudraksh Bead continually at the end to derive maximum benefits.

How to Identify Rudraksh Beads

To meet the increasing demand for different types of Rudraksh sometimes traders manufacture rarely found beads such as the one faced Rudraksh or higher than 12 Mukhi Rudraksh. It is seen that mostly a higher Mukhi is fashioned by carving a lower Mukhi bead into having extra segments. These beads can be of Nutmeg, Areca nut or wood. In this way, people who want to buy a genuine Rudraksh gets duped. Here are a few methods of testing a genuine bead which is:

- Copper Coin Test:

In copper coin test place the bead between two copper coins and it should rotate slightly. This is due to the magnetic & physical properties of the Rudraksh beads.

- Cut Test:

A full-proof method of testing a Rudraksh is to cut the Rudraksha bead horizontally. Here you will find the same number of compartments as that of the number of lines. But in this method, the bead gets destroyed.

- Properties Test:

In this method, you can test a bead by exhibit properties like inductance, conduction of electric current, capacitance, etc.

-Eye test:

You can simply test a Bead by looking at these deep linings (facets) with the help of a magnifying glass and you can easily recognize a real Rudraksh.

Buy Nepali Bead Online

Shaligram Shala offers certified Rudraksh sourced from Nepal & Java (Indonesia). These Rudraksh Beads are genuine & real and can work as a cure for a wide variety of diseases including chronic headaches, allergies & skin problems, backaches & digestive problems, depression & insomnia and also several kinds of emotional problems. You can purchase online Rudraksha, Shaligram, gemstones, Vastu products, yantras, meditation accessories, bracelets, Malas and spiritual books & CDs.

Tips & Care for your Beads

Rudraksha is a divine bead and it can be worn by anybody irrespective of age, caste, culture, sex, creed & location. But it is advisable that there are some precautions should be taken while using Rudraksh since it is a divine gift of Lord Shiva.

-You can wait for a Monday as it is an auspicious day to start wearing a Rudraksh bead.
-You can also wear it early morning on any auspicious day of the week.
-First of all, take an early morning bath and Chant OM Namah Shivay nine or 108 times.
-Now chant the seed mantra of bead nine or 108 times.
-Now you can wear it by remembering the face of all-auspicious Lord Shiva.
-You should wash beads with water (Ganga Jal) every week.
-You can also soak the beads in water overnight & scrub with a hard plastic brush to clean the pores (remember that beads are strong and do not break with scrubbing).
-Once Rudraksh is dry you can apply a light oil like Olive & Sandalwood oil with a toothbrush.

Ingredients required for abhishek procedure of Rudraksha

- Panchgavya (Water, Milk, Curd, Ghee, Honey)
- Any one Fruit Juice (Coconut water, Ganne ka Ras, Anar Juice)

Abhishek Procedure of Rudraksha

Devotees can do abhishek of Rudraksha once or twice a week as per convenience and the detailed of abhishek procedure of Rudraksha is given below

- Bath Rudraksha with water
- Offer all abhishekam liquid one by one which are Panchgavya (Water, Milk, Curd, Ghee, Honey) and any one Fruit Juice (Coconut water, Ganne ka Ras, Anar Juice)
- Now wipe off the bead with a clean cloth and place it on pedestal

Ingredients required for Worship procedure of Rudraksha

- gandaki river water/ gangajal
- clean cloth
- sandal paste
- tulsi leaf
- Dhoop & Agarbatti
- sweet, fruits and other eatable
- a picture of deity related to Rudraksha

Worship Procedure of Rudraksha

- First of all place the Rudraksha on a metal plate
- Sit facing east direction
- Bath the Rudraksha with gandaki river water/ gangajal
- Wipe it off with clean cloth
- Apply tika of sandal paste on the Rudraksha and place one tulsi leaf on the Shaligra Shila so the tulsi rests on the Rudraksha nicely - Chant mantra of god/ goddess
- Show Dhoop/ Agarbatti to Rudraksha
- Offer some sweet, fruits and other eatable to the Rudraksha
- Speak out your wish loudly in front of the Rudraksha
- The Rudraksha will be sent after performing Mahapuja and energization.

How to Maintain the Rudrakshas So That They Have a Life of More Than 500 Years

1. Please inspect the Rudrakshas thoroughly for any damage or some artificial line carved on the Rudrakshas.

2. Please see that the thread or the silver wire which is used to make a rosary or mala or bracelet is not damaging the holes of the Rudrakshas by pushing the holes of the Rudrakshas very hard.

3. Please take care of the Rudrakshas in the best possible way so that they do not get damaged while wearing and see that they do not bang against some hard object.

4. It is better that no telcom powder is applied on the chest especially that part of the chest, where the Rudraksha rests. This telcom powder if applied goes inside the mukhasor faces of the Rudrakshas and block the complete energy flow from the seeds of the Rudrakshas.

5. Wear the Rudrakshas always in such a way that they should always touch your body.

6. Wear the Rudrakshas close to the location of the chakras for better results. Please consult Rajeev Krishna mob no. +919322646421 before wearing the Rudrakshas.

7. Once the rudrakshas are worn, lots of negativity is absorbed by the rudraksha as it is a dielectric. Once the negativity is fully absorbed say in 3 or 4 days then the rudraksha has to washed with a little soap water and clean it with normal water. Dry it thoroughly under the fan or AC. Do not dry under sun. Apply mixture of pure Sandalwood and olive oil ( buy this good quality mixture of Pure Sandalwood oil and Olive oil from Shaligram Shala) with the help of a new tooth brush. Just take very little oil in the brush and spread that in the entire rudraksha especially on the mukhas or faces and over the body of the Rudraksha. The ratio of mixture of pure Sandalwood oil and Olive oil should be 1:10. ( You can take this mixture from Shaligram Shala directly). Keep it for drying for atleast 2 hours. Do not apply too much of the oil.

8. After every 7 to 10 days clean the Rudrakshas in a same way that is repeat the same procedure as mentioned in sl. 7 so that the Rudrakshas remain fresh and rejuvenated.

8A. Please buy or order one Rudrakshas Maintenance Kit from Shaligram Shala. This will help in cleaning of Rudrakshas more effectively.

9. It is good to wear the Rudrakshas for as much time as possible in a day but I would advise to remove the Rudrakshas at night before sleeping as night is a private affair and even Gods does not come in between wife and the husband. Those who are not married or leading a saintly life can wear the Rudrakshas at night also. But ensure that they should not get damaged or hurt you while turning on the bed ( karvat lene se) at night. In the morning after taking bath again wear that after chanting Aum Namah Shivaye atleast 3 times of multiple of three times.

10. If you are not in the position of taking bath on a particular day, just purify your self by sprinkling the water three times from your right hand on your head. This is considered as the symbolic bath being taken by the devotee.

11. During the ladies menses or periods it is good to avoid wearing Rudrakshas for 2 or 3 days only for the ladies. But gents can wear the Rudrakshas even if the wife or daughter or any lady is mensurating in the house.

12. While wearing Rudrakshas, no masterbation should be done or sexual thoughts be brought in the mind. If it is unavoidable then take the rudraksha out from the neck or hand and keep it inside the holy pouch which is provided with every Rudraksha or mala or bracelet. Do not wear the Rudrakshas on that day. Wear the Rudrakshas the next day after taking bath.

13. After removing the mala or rudraksha or bracelet the same needs to be kept in the temple or some holy place and not in the bedroom especially when and husband and wife are sleeping together.

14. Liquor or non-veg can be consumed while wearing the Rudrakshas. However try to avoid these things as far as possible. Also if unavoidable then the Rudrakshas can be kept in the holy pouch and worn again next day after taking bath and after chanting the mantra.

15. For normal urination it is not mandatory to remove the Rudrakshas from the body. However three times the water be sprinkled by the right hand to purify oneself after the natures call is answered. However if going for passing stool or phesis then the rudrakshas have to be removed from the body and should be worn only after the purification process is done.

16. Be polite and gentle with yourself and others when you are wearing the Rudrakshas. Lord Shiva is with you in the form of Rudrakshas.

17. Do not be angry or tensed while wearing the Rudrakshas. Just chant the maha mantra Aum Namah Shivaye and take long breathe for couple of minutes and become normal. Rudraksha will help you to calm down and you can take appropriate action to resolve the challenging situation thereafter.

18. Look after the rudraksha like a small child who requires attention at all points of time.

19. Do not let anyone touch your rudraksha as his or her negative or positive energy could be transmitted to the rudraksha.

20. If the rudraksha has fallen down on the ground by mistake while wearing or taking it out then touch the rudraksha on your head or Ajna chakra three times, ask for mercy of Lord Shiva and chant Aum Namah Shivaye 3 times and either wear it or keep it at a holy place.

21. Everyday while wearing the Rudrakshas chant Aum Namah Shivaye or Mahamrityunjay mantra minimum 3 times or in the multiple of three times.

22. Do not take the Rudrakshas to the cremation ceremony.

23. Keep on chanting mantra Aum Namah Shivaye continuously whole day even if you are working or doing some work.

24. Make a habit of greeting others by saying " Jai Shiv Shankar Shambho"

25. The rudrakshas could be passed on to the next generation by performing a simple ritual. For that you can call Mr. Rajeev Krishna on his mobile +919322646421.

26. Avoid wearing anybodys Rudrakshas before doing the transferring ritual.

27. If you the above simple rules, the rudraksha will serve you and your generations for 500 years or more.

28. Contact Rajeev Krishna on his email if there are any doubts regarding maintaining of rudraksha are concerned.